Uber Manila Incentives: July 20-26

Hi guys sorry for the late update here's the promotional incentives for drivers this July 20 to 26 and somewhat promising than the last ...

Hi guys sorry for the late update here's the promotional incentives for drivers this July 20 to 26 and somewhat promising than the last 2 weeks of promotional incentives for uber manila partners.

Here's the screenshot of the email from Uber main

As stated in the email all partners / drivers are entitled for the promotional incentives and here's the basic explanation about it. 

For the the Peak Champion:

The partner / driver should get 35 non peak hour trips (10:01 am to 3:59 pm and 9:01 pm to 5:59 am) in order for you as a partner/driver to be eligible for this promo. If you do get 35 non peak hour trip from July 20 (Monday) to July 26 (Sunday) you'll get additional P400 bonus for every peak hour trip from July 20 (Monday) to July 25 (Saturday). 

Here's the sample computation bellow:

Trip total of 75 trips:

35 non peak hour trips
40 peak hour trips

bonus: 40 (peak hour trips) x 400 = P16000 + the base fare for all the 75 trips.
So let us say that the base fare was P11000 total (uber fee excluded) you'll get a total of P27,000 gross for the week.

For Peak Star Driver:

You need to complete 20 non peak hour trip from July 20 to July 26 in order for you to get the bonus.
Just like the Peak Champion but the difference is you'll only get P250 for every peak hour trips you make from July 20 to July 25.

My personal thoughts about this.

The more peak hour we get the more we can earn, actually my strategies are suited for this kind of promotion. If you have been following my blog from May 2015 then the time frame i posted will be an exact fit for this kind of promotion.

If you would ask me on which time would be the best to drive for this promotion i could say that it would be best to start at 6am to 9pm so you could hit all the peak hour trips. You could also start at 4pm to 10am for a maximizing the gas and a possible larger rider base for a non peak rides.

You are not an Uber Partner yet?

So you are not an uber manila partner yet and you are interested to be one? I'll help you get started, all you have to do is sign up using my referral code, and once you complete your first 10 trips, you'll get an additional P2000 as a bonus. You'll also benefit from the detailed guide on how i make 60-70 trips a week even working less (8hrs a day) this is an exclusive content for my referrals only who completed their first 10 trips.

As i always say, in order to maximize the earnings here in UBER Manila, you should drive smart and not hard.


If you successfully signed up on the link above and you already completed your first 10 trips, please email me at theflightpod@gmail.com and i will help you get started here in UBER Manila. I will help you and teach you my detailed strategies, where i hang out, where i get riders the most, and when's the best time to get riders on a specific location.

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  1. Iba pa ba ang Surge sa Incentives?. Tsaka Paano ko makaQualify for this Promo?. Kapag ba naka 20 NonPeak Rides na ko, Kusa nang madadagdagan nang tig 250 yung mga Peak Rides ko?. Makikita ba yun sa Payment Statement? :D Salamat sa sasagot :D

    1. Hi Nikko,

      Yes surge pricing is different. Also to your second question the answer is also yes. Once you completed 20 non peak trips, all of your peak hour trips will have additional P250.

    2. Sir san po ba malalaman/makikita ung mga incentives ni uber? Bago po kasi ako sa uber as operator/driver and hinahanap ko ung mga incentives wala po akong makita. Thank you.

    3. Hi Niki,

      The incentives will reflect on your payment statement on Monday under the Misc.

      If you are referring about the incentives info, every partner should receive it on Sunday most likely at the evening.

      Hope this helps. If you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact me again :)

    4. Hindi po siya lalabas sa online account sa uber kung san minomonitor ung income? Every monday lang po talaga?

      And ung incentives po ba na notice na papadala ni uber, sa email po ba matatanggap un?

      Maraming salamat po. :)

    5. Hi Niki,

      yes, it will only reflect on your final weekly payment statement, and that would be every monday.

  2. Hi. How come my incentives are different from the other operators. I got the morning and evening peak guarantee incentive. Its a bit hard to earn money with that particular incentive.