Uber Manila average income per month 2016

Uber Manila average income per month for 2016 Market had changed so was Uber Manila's average income per month of partners here in M...

uber driver average income per month 2016
Uber Manila average income per month for 2016

Market had changed so was Uber Manila's average income per month of partners here in Manila this 2016. We have compared our monthly earnings from last year to this year 2016, I'm pretty sure that you'll be surprised but then again Uber Manila Incentives are gone and we'll just have to wait when Uber will bring it back.

How much does the Uber Partner earn average per month this 2016?

Let us analyze the figures and comparison from last year to this year, if we compare it last year an average income per month of an Uber partner/driver is P14,960 to P18,960 net + incentives you can check our article by checking this "uber manila average income per month 2015". 

Let us leave that behind and let us check how much an Uber Manila Partner earns an average per month this 2016. 

Let us say that the partner already owns the car so the partner isn't paying any amortization just for the gas, food, and maintenance. The average trip per day at the current market is around 15 trips. Uber Manila's effort did really paid off and has increased it's rider base by cutting off the incentives for partners and providing incentives for riders. An average cost per trip at the moment is P120,

So if we compute cost per trips x no. of trips and we'll get the average income per day ( P120 x 15 = P1,800 gross). If the partner drives for 6 days that would be P 10,800 per week gross, and for a month that would be P43,200 gross for Uber X. 

Now let us deduct the expenses. An average gas consumption is P2500 (this is for us since there's a gasoline station which is near on our garage that sells us P30/l unleaded gasoline and P31.20/l for premium gasoline), if it's per month that would be P10000. Here's another expenses the food expense, we always make sure that our drivers are fed and loving the job, so we are always giving them P150 food allowance, I know it is small but they can also bring their own food ontop of the P150, all in all that would be P3600 per month.

Let's break it down:

Average trip x Average cost per trip = gross income per day
15 x P120 = P1800 (Uber fee deducted)

Gross income per day x days of driving = gross income per week
P1800 x 6 = P10,800

Gross income per day x 4 weeks = gross income per month
P10,800 x 4 = P43,200

Now let us deduct the expenses

Gross income per month - gas expense - food allowance = 
P43,200 - P10,000 (2,500 per week gasoline consumption) = P33,200 - P3600 = P29,600

So if the partner already owns the car and driving for Uber Manila then he's average net income would be P29,600 of course he she still need to shed at least P2000 per month for maintenance.

What if the uber manila partner's vehicle is under a loan?

Again, just do the math. If the vehicle's amortization cost around P20,000, then the partner will be left with a P9,600 income, and maybe lesser if the partner also hired a driver. Since Uber Manila stopped the incentives scheme for partners, you'll just driving to pay off your vehicle.

My  suggestion would be, drive for yourself. That way, you'll be earning. There are also other ways to earn using your vehicle so i suggest that you try exploring the income stream.

If you are ready to join Uber Manila, you can click here to use our referral link. If you sign up using our referral link, you'll get a bonus of PHP 2,000 once you complete your first 10 trips.

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  1. Hi what is the standard process in deducting gas allowance if you share 50-50 of the cost with your driver? Do you reduce it after the net income split or before deducting the uber split? Tried playing around with the figures and the output is different. Thanks!

  2. Hi the best approach would be setting a gas allowance weekly. And both of you should fill that allowance. E.g. 3000, then both of you and your driver must shed 1.5k each.

  3. Should I get UberX or Uber Black vehicle? What is the average trip per day of Uber Black vehicles? Thanks.

  4. Hi Eric,

    About 10 to 12 trips per day for Uber Black, although Uber Black has a higher fare and average per trip is around P180 to P200. It's really up to you on which classification that you can pretty much afford.

  5. Sa maintenance magkano ngagastos nyo sa uber? Especially kung susundin yung manual na every 5k sa odometer, which is almost 2 weeks kapg full time uber tlga..

  6. We always shed out 2k per week on our income for maintenance, and we use fully synthetic oil for every 12k on our odo meter. Mas mkakasave ka sa maintenance compare sa regular oil.

  7. Is this a 12-hour shift? Or a 24-hour shift?
    Is a 24-hour shift recommended?


  8. Hi L,

    It is a 10 hour shift. If you have enough man power to do so, then why not? But keep in mind about the wear and tear of your vehicle.

  9. Hi, I just need to ask you this, do you have a good mechanic who can service my car? having it done in the dealership is very expensive.. thanks

  10. Hi Noel,

    Sorry about that we can't refer anyone at the moment. But we are trying to partner with a shop and hopefully we can form an agreement with them and we will make sure that it'll be affordable for the readers of Manila Uber Driver blog :) We'll let you know soon :)

  11. mind sharing the gas station name and location and your vehicle brand/model? our drivers' per week average is 4,500 on a 1.3M/T Vios.

  12. The gasoline station is Phoenix, we have a toyota corolla altis 1.6v 2015 model

  13. Hi, Nowadays I am seeing offers to Drivers to be 50-50. It seems that this would impact Operator's expenses especially if they are paying mortgage for their car. If the market is now leaning towards 50-50 what scheme can we do in order for the operator not to lose money?

  14. Hi JP,

    Let them be as it is some operator's preferrence. Huwag po tyo gumaya sa iba, instead study the market and plan your business wisely in order for you to not to lose any money.

  15. Hi, how many hours it would take to complete an average of 15 trips per day?

  16. Hi Ella,

    Really depends of the efficiency of the driver. But average would be around 8hrs to 10hrs.

  17. Hi. Question lng. Kung mag ddrive po ba ako for uber ng part time, lets say 3 times a week for 4hrs then once a week for 8hrs, would that be enough to pay if i will buy a new vios m/t which will cost around 15k? I have a full time job but my salary isnot enough to buy a new car. So im planning to drive for uber as part time pambayad ng monthly ammortization ng car. What do you think?

  18. Hi,

    Well if you are driving within surge area it is possible. But honestly medyo mahirap po yun. Better to plan it thoroughly..

  19. Hello Admin,

    Me and my girlfriend would like to try driving with uber before the year ends. We're planning to apply for a car loan. A Kia Picanto maybe. And we will hire her father as our driver. Monthly amortization is around 12 - 13k. Do you think we can still do good business with that setup?

  20. Hi Keith,

    It is possible especially for MA below 15k.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Hi Chols,

    Nka register na ba kayo at ang iyong driver? Anyways, it is not really necessary that the profit sharing will be a 50/50 this will depend on your business goals and plan. You can reach us at tudmanila@gmail.com if you need further advice. :)

  23. I'm just quite confused with this " 15 x P120 = P1800 (Uber fee deducted) "

    What is uber fee? I've read a document about this, uber takes off 25% of its P120, so, 25% of P120 is P30, Does it mean that the the operator and the driver get P90 out of it?

    Looking forward on your answer :))

  24. Hi Jaspher,

    The ave cost per trip before was 150 per trip and the uber fee was 20%.

    Now since the upfront fee the average cost per trip is around 200 with a 25% uber fee thus making the ave earnings per trip is 150