New proposed features for Uber Manila

Hi we receive an email regarding some new features that Uber will be implementing on the US Market and we picked the "Uber on Messen...

Hi we receive an email regarding some new features that Uber will be implementing on the US Market and we picked the "Uber on Messenger" to review.

Why wouldn't we love this new feature for our riders? We have free Facebook all over the Philippines, it'll be a big help for us partners isn't it?

So what is Uber oon Facebook?

Uber is always looking for new ways to connect people with safe, reliable transportation at the push of a button. Over the years, the Uber experience has become more social. With uberPOOL, we’ve not only made it more affordable to get around the city, but have also helped people make new connections when they share their trip. Today, in partnership with Facebook, we’re bringing you and your friends closer together right where you are: on Messenger.

Powered by Uber’s API, Messenger now enables its millions of users to sign up for Uber with one tap and request a ride, all without having to leave Messenger or download the Uber app. Ride status updates and ride receipts are delivered to a private conversation between you and Uber on Messenger, making it easy to track your Uber ride and payment history.
  • Meeting a loved one for dinner? Send them the restaurant location on Messenger, and they can request a ride there by simply tapping on the address.
  • Running late for a work meeting? Share your current Uber trip with coworkers through Messenger so they know exactly when you’ll arrive.
  • Picking up friends in your Uber on the way to a concert? Request in Messenger and your friends will know when to be outside to jump into the Uber.
With Uber on Messenger, you and your friends can keep the conversation going, whether it’s on Messenger or in your Uber. Check the video below.

To get started, download the latest Messenger app, and either start a conversation with Uber and tap the car icon Messenger Car Icon , or tap the more menu Messenger More Iconin any Messenger conversation and select Transportation. Never used Uber? No problem. You can sign up for a new Uber account within Messenger in a matter of seconds and start riding. Your first ride in Messenger is free, up to $20. Current Uber users can connect their existing account in Messenger and start requesting rides from any conversation.
With the ability to request, view, and pay for an Uber ride in Messenger, taking your next ride is as simple as sending a message (or an animated GIF). Uber on Messenger will start rolling out in the U.S. today, with more to come soon. We’re excited to continue working with Facebook to find more ways to bring people together — and bring even more of the Uber experience to Messenger.

Our take on this new feature!

Well this is really a cool feature to increase our client base, but the question is when will it be implemented.

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  1. We are also looking forward to it, we do hope it'll be implemented soon.

  2. hi.. i would like to ask for those who wants to be an partner operator.. how is it true that those vehicles below 1.2 (like wigo,hatchback mirage, etc.} are no longer acceptable for application to uber/pa for ltfrb? are you still accepting those vehicles?thanks

  3. Yes Uber do accept vehicles that has 1.2L or lower engines. As long as it is 2013 and up

  4. Nice.. can i ask the status of tnvs application tro?.thanks!

  5. About the tnvs application tro, on our understanding it is only effective within 20 days and started last dec 15, 2015. It is already lifted, we think the transport groups only did that to stop uber and grab operation last december holiday.

    Anyways Uber is already processing new tnvs application so there's nothing to worry about the TRO, but be sure to expect every once in a while when there's a major holiday, the transport groups will do it again.