Uber Philippines Partners Incentives February 2016 A Possibility?

There are rumors circling on the community that there’s a big possibility that Uber Philippines will bring back the incentives th...

uber philippines february 2016 incentives

There are rumors circling on the community that there’s a big possibility that Uber Philippines will bring back the incentives this 1st quarter of the year 2016.

We really have no idea yet on what Incentives will Uber Philippines provides to its partners, but one thing for sure and that would be an extra income again for us partners. The rumors are spreading like wildfire and in fact, some say the story came from an Uber Philippine employee.

Rumors or not, it’s about time that Uber should bring back the incentives as there are a lot of partners who are discouraged on the low income. Well, this already had happened prior this year, every first quarter of the year Uber Philippines do provide incentives to its partners the only questions would be until when?

What about you guys? Would it be a big help if Uber Philippines do bring back the incentives? What type of incentives do you think Uber Philippines will give to us partners, Let us hear your thoughts about this!

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  1. make your cut from 20% down to 5%, then increase fare rate so you dont have to pull bonuses to give to partners from uber's treasure chest

  2. Hi we are also partners just like you. We don't represent Uber nor associated with them. But indeed, it'll be helpful to us partners if they lower their uber fee just a little bit.

  3. Just in case there will be incentives there is always a catch...also if ever this my first time...for me, my suggestions is make the incentives more achievable...like be online 8hrs. Get 10 trips....

  4. yeah that would be a great idea, we are hoping that they could atleast bring back the 12 peak hour trips and no uber fee on the payment statement current paystatement.

    Or even the guaranteed net, it will help us partners alot.

  5. Be considerate on the fare. There are lot of times we pick our riders at their home (inside subdivision) and far from our location (not to mention the drivers waiting tine). I hope UBER could add some extra on that, it will be very helpful to the partner to increase a bit their income. As your partner, we take care of our clients and drive them safely to their destation as we are not just carry our name but also to protect UBER reputation. Also, having incentives is a great help to us... Thanks

  6. Yep that is one problem that Uber Philippines need to addresss, especially that we sometimes experience having a rider outside the alloted radius and sometimes about 25-30 mins away. We are also hoping for the incentives too ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ
    It's good to know that we are not alone on this one.

  7. Without Uber partners, there is no business. Hence, Uber should take care of them otherwise no one would keep driving. I'm in for 5% cut instead, 20% is too much. With that, I wouldnt care for any incentive at all.

  8. Hi, I'm uber partner, fare is not enough for us for partner to achieve better income. I can say only drivers and uber benefit for it! I paid my driver 40% ...our day earnings are 1200 max less 20% uber fee p240.00 = 960 - p384 40% for my driver = P576 my gasoline makes around 600 a day = ( 24.00 ) huh ' you think this is pair for a partner sharing? Also, I want to mention regarding the acceptance of our rider location, we already use our gas before reaching the rider location... and for some instances, we only got P60.00 fare.... Again, less 20% and 40%, huh'!!!! I just hope uber partnership is considerate on this kind of scenario!!! As we partner owns the car!!!

  9. Hi Liza,

    Why not split the profit after expenses like what majority do and like what we do?