Things you should know before starting UBER

Hi guys this article is intended for aspiring UBER partners here in Manila, and maybe some co-partners who really doesn't have an idea a...

Hi guys this article is intended for aspiring UBER partners here in Manila, and maybe some co-partners who really doesn't have an idea about this business.

Let me ask you, why did you join UBER? 

If you are going to ask me the same question, i would say, i find this new technology awesome and profitable, before i began my venture here and became a partner I used to be a rider. Yes you heard me right, i am also a rider, i was there when there's no classification like UBER X and UBER Black. I was clueless at that time, i just got this invite and tried it and of course I became a regular for the convenience and safety than riding a cab.

That was my first insight and researched about UBER, it took me a year before finally trying to be a partner. 

Of course i could say i am also here because of the profit, no one would say that they joined for charity. But let me remind you guys that we are here for the service, our clients/riders are enjoying our service because of the convenience and safety. I really do hope that every one of us would also be thinking about our clients as without them UBER won't be successful here in the Philippines and we won't have an extra income

We can always think about the profit but we must first think about our clients. The more clients we satisfy with our service the more rider base or clients we could have. 

Sad to say there are partners that only thinks about profit and forgot about services. Earlier i have 5 passengers that have an awful experience from other partners. They are now comparing uber like a cab, they just ride UBER because it is much more cheaper, but the service as for them is similar to cab. I know 5 isn't enough number, but imagine if they already experience it, more and more will experience it too. 

Those partners are currently deteriorating the good service that old partners have done to make this business a success. Honestly it will affect us all soon if this can't be controlled. I know that there's a rating system, but what it can do if the riders already have a bad experience. Most likely it will spread like a wildfire. 

Other partners would definitely disagree with me and will say that "there's a rating system, they can always rate the partners doing crappy things with a one star rating" that's not the point, the point is our customers/clients can be affected or our rider base can be affected. Have you guys heard about "first, second, and third impression last?" Yes this is true, even though if a rider experience the best service on his/her first uber ride, if he/she experienced a bad thing on his/her second ride or third ride, they'll definitely say my first uber experience were perfect but now, i think the service isn't good anymore or the service is getting crappy. 

Just imagine how it can affect the business in the long run. So before starting or joining UBER think about the service you can provide. It is always best that you provide a great service and you'll earn at the same time. 

UBER is great for EXTRA Income

I am not discouraging you, but honestly i want to help you out. If you are going to rely in UBER as your primary source of income. I am telling you now, you're going to experience hell on this business. 

Yes there are success stories for a Full Time partners but i am 100% sure that they own their cars 100% before joining UBER. If you are going to buy a bnew car with a high monthly amortization and you'll just rely for UBER to pay it off, please think again. I don't want to see another person being on the blunt side, having their cars being pulled by the bank because they can't sustain the monthly amortization. 

This is a true story! Again i am not discouraging you, but there are many partners who already have experienced this. Being in UBER is like a roller coaster ride. Sometimes the income is great, and sometimes it is low. Just think about this, what if there's no incentives, do you think you can pay your car without it?

There are many partners who rushed on joining UBER because they think it is lucrative. It is though, but with a proper business plans. But many of them just joined because a driver told them that they can earn 120k a month because of UBER, this is true before, but now, the incentives are declining. As i have said earlier, this is a roller coaster ride.

My honest point of view, you can buy a bnew car and join uber, and you'll still earn IF you are also going to be the driver, but if you'll just hire a driver, then sad to say, you'll soon seeing your car being taken by the bank.

In my case i have 2 businesses that can sustain my family and even my car's monthly amortization if ever UBER fails me. Yes you should have a back up plan, there's a saying in the business world that you shouldn't put your eggs on one basket as if that basket fails, then you'll loose all your egg that goes to your investment, make sure that you have a backup plan so you won't loose all your investment. 

If you want to have another investment, join my network marketing team (hahaha joke) kidding aside, this is business and you should have a decent business plan to succeed in UBER.

Everyone in UBER is a competition

There's no other nice way to put it. But honestly yes, everyone in uber is your competition. As i have said above, you should have a decent business plan to succeed in UBER. Even if i share some tips here and to my referrals, i always have 10 steps ahead. I am not worried even if i share my tips to others, I intend to help but as always this is a business and you must be ahead with others. If not, then you'll end up wasting your investment. 

Stay away with Social Media

It is connected as what i have stated above, all of us is your competition. There might be some people who is willing to help you, but 99% are just there to destroy your concentration. 99% will pour negativity with you so that they can be ahead. Don't believe me? Then try  joining groups regarding UBER manila, and you'll see for yourself. A good example would be the Aug 20th deadline, if you're a part of a group regarding UBER Manila, then you'll definitely read alot of apprehension post on which isn't true. 

1% will genuinely help you, but chances are, you'll experience your ups and downs first before you can find one. If ever you are here then good for you. You're reading some of the 1 percenter. 

Want to start in UBER ahead with others?

So do you want to start in UBER ahead with others? If you are an aspiring partner and wanted to join UBER and be ahead of others, then let me guide you, i can share my experience and strategies to you. 

Just use my referral code and once you complete your first 10 trips, I'll be there to guide you with my strategies that have worked and still working that can definitely benefit you in the long run doing UBER as a business. If you will ask me why i should do that? It is simple, if you use my referral code we will both earn P2000 when you complete your first 10 trips. The methods i am going to share with you is a means of saying thanks for helping me earn another P2000 and definitely can provide better for my family. 

What is in it for you? Well not only you have an edge on this business, but it can also help you establish a better way to do UBER in Manila.

Sign up in UBER and have an edge with the competition

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  1. Hi! kudos for this article! This is very helpful for aspiring partner like me. Will surely use your referral code once i register to be able to get some addition tips and strategy :)
    As for now i'm still on the planning mode and monitoring on whats happening regarding the legality of UBER.
    Whats your stand on the req/guidelines for accreditation...
    *Issuing electronic receipts to passengers and screen its drivers and display his/her ID.
    *(Operators/drivers) They will also have to put a "trade dress" or a distinctive signage on the car to distinguish them from private vehicles.
    Is this true? Will UBER comply with this or they have an alternative for this just to be accredited?

  2. Hi,

    Yes more tips and strategy will be shared here on this blog, so i do hope you keep comming back :)

    About your questions

    - even before uber always issue an e-receipt after the trip ends, passengers will receive it via email.

    - id's is okay, you'll just put it on while driving for UBER not really a big problem

    - uniform, as many people are thinking that ltfrb might paint our cars, well that's not it. Uber and other ridesharing will only issue a magnetic sticker. On which we will put whenever webare driving for them.

    So no need to worry about being painted or something like that, our private car will still remain as private :)

  3. Nice! thanks for the info. hopefully i could start na rin soon.

  4. Hi, thank you for your informative articles. It seems being an operator (hiring driver) is not going to be easy. Can you kindly post a realistic computation on what will be the required gross income for some one looking to be an operator, example:

    Car: Brand new Mirage G4
    Down payment: P110,600
    Monthly amortization: P9,385
    Required trips/month: ?
    Driver salary/month: ?
    Gas expense/month?
    Car maintenance/month?
    Net profit/month?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi MR,

      I am sorry as i can't provide a definite answer for your question.

      It will all depends on your driver (masipag at loyal).

      Also i am not a mirage user so i can't answer abt the gas expenses and other stuff.

      But for the driver's income the best bet would be 60/40 (operator/driver)

    2. I understand, but can you kindly post your average income per trip? and, how many trips do you make per day? Thanks.

    3. Hi,

      At the moment using my strategies i average about 18 to 22 trips. And so far the highest i got for a day was 3.2k gross.

      But then again it depends on how long the trip was.

    4. Thanks for the info, upon doing some estimates, it could be a viable business as an operator only if you have 2 drivers (e.g., 12-hour shift each). If just one driver, it will only work financially if the car's driven by the owner.

    5. Hi,

      Yes you are probably right and also if you already own the car.

  5. Hi sir, I will be starting as an operator with two vehicles (and two drivers of course) asap. I still don't know what and by how much to deduct to my drivers. I'm planning to implement the ff:
    If 60/40 split:
    Cellphone unit at 3k/12mos= 250/month
    Gasoline/month at 12k/2= 6k deducted to each driver
    Car ammortization 100% operator or split also?
    Network data/cellphone load at 1k/month= 500 deducted to each driver(50% i will shoulder)

    If 70/30 split
    I will shoulder everything except for the cellpbone unit.

    What are your thoughts? Thanks

  6. Hi,

    Always split half if the compensation agreement is 50/50 since both of you and the driver will be sharing the net profit in half.

    And if it's 60/40 then split the expenses as 60/40

    That's the most reasonable thing to do.

    But ofcourse the highest investor will get the larger margin of the profit.

    Also about the amortization the operator should shoulder the cost unless it'll be also a property of the driver.

  7. problem is, UBER get 20% of the gross, which gives the80% to the driver and the partner (32% driver, 48% owner). this is the 60/40 scheme of the driver operator dividend (80% X0.6 and 80% X 0.4). what is left is that the owner will get only 48% of the total gross income per month. let us say the cab has earned P1500 per day net of gasoline expense. 48% will go to the owner of the cab ( P720 X 25 days = 18,000 per month).
    18,000 per month... less maintenance of say 2000 per month, insurance 2000 per month, gives you 14,000 per month... assuming you got the cab in cash, say vios 600thou 600 thou/14,000/month = 43 months or almost 3.5 years before you get the ROI of the cab. that is if you are assured of P1500 minimum income everyday for 3.5 years. driver income 12,000 per month. and uber income at 7500 per month. so in a per year basis, owner earns 14,ooo X 12 = P 168,000, driver 12,000 X 12 = P144,000 and uber 7500 X 12 = P90,000 . but take note! for 3.5 years, you are just reach ROI net income =0 but you have the car. driver got 144,000 X 3.5 =504,000, and UBER earned 90,000 X 3.5 = P315,000. How much do you think you have earned after 3.5 years? scrap value of the 3.5 year old vios.. roughly 600,000 less- 35% depreciation so P600,000 - P210,000 = 390,000 pesos in three and a half year. the driver got more than your earning at 504,000 which is almost 115,000 more. UBER got almost close to your earning

  8. Hi Robby,

    Thanks for the wonderful insight.