How to maximize profits 101: Using Business Cards

In this article i'll teach you one of my techniques on how i maximize my earnings in UBER Manila by means of Business Cards. In eve...

In this article i'll teach you one of my techniques on how i maximize my earnings in UBER Manila by means of Business Cards. In every businesses in order to make your business grow a service should be exceptional (on ourcase well it is already given). What i want to point out is customer retention. How can we assure that our customers/clients will repeat our service being provided to them?

What is the Business Card technique

Business card technique is somewhat just like in a traditional businesses, it shows your branding. We all know that each of everyone is unique on terms of providing our services on our clients, but how can a business card boost our profit? It is fairly simple, you need your identity or branding for your clients (in our case passengers) if they enjoyed our service, they'll ride again for sure. 

By this time you already have an idea right? Yes the business card will be your extra mile so that the client can contact you again for another service. Here's what i did.

I have requested for a business card P600 for 100 pcs of professionally designed businesscard (front only) and everytime i have a ride, before the client/passengers get out of my car, I always ask them for feedback, then i will provide my business card with all of my info, and will ask that he/she can provide the feedback on my email or contact number, also i will say that if they like my service at that point, they can contact me via my infos and can be at their service if available on their given timeframe. At first i really thought that i was just wasting time, but then after a few days i received alot of feedback on how i can improve my service and not only that, i receive alot of text and call if i am available on a given time and date.

By doing this technique, it boost my ridership by 50% of retention or repeat of service. By now i have made a schedule for my riders. Not only that i also have data of what are the riders are looking for in a ride by their feedback.

This technique will obviously eliminate your competitors, and ofcourse you will be given a peace of mind and advantage for attaining or meeting the required trips for the ff incentives.

Till now i am using this technique, and right now i really can't accomodate each of the request. I might be needing another 2 cars just to accomodate all of them. If you want a professional business card, you can contact them via and tell them that i referred you "Von" so i could vouch you up with a P100 peso discount. I can say that this will be a fine investment in order to boost your income here in UBER Manila.

By the way the time frame for the business card would be 5 days (including shipping) also shipping fee will be shouldered by the buyer it is only a P100 and will be delivered to your home. 200 pcs of business card will be ofcourse comes with a free shipping.


Here's another company that can offer you affordable business cards, if you contact them by email, please do tell them that you were referred by "Von" so you could have a discount worth of P100. Original price is P600 for a professionally designed business card (front only) containing 100 Pcs + Shipping fee of P100 within metro manila

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  1. can you choose a driver to pick you up using the uber app?

    1. Nope the nearest driver would be awarded for the request.

  2. So how could there be a repeat ride?

    1. Hi,

      This is a matter of time scheduling or time management. The rider who want you again for a ride will schedule you.

      E.g. 8pm - shangri la hotel

      You'll be there at 8pm ofcourse, then when she's already on your car, she then can request a ride.

    2. Nice! I like this suggestion! More please! Hehehe

    3. Just keep coming back :) we will provide a weekly tips 👍🏼