How to get 5 star rating in Uber Manila

Hi guys let me teach you on how you can attain 5 stars rating from your passengers. You will need this if your rating is below 4.6 stars as ...

Hi guys let me teach you on how you can attain 5 stars rating from your passengers. You will need this if your rating is below 4.6 stars as you would know UBER Manila do deactivates partners who have a rating below that mark.

Anyways the tips i am going to share with you guys on how to get 5 star rating in Uber Manila is based with my passengers. If you are following my blog, i always ask them for feedback so i could improve my service. (you might want to read Maximizing profit 101: business cards).

Before i start let me share you my story. Before i tried to know what's the limit of Uber Manila i mean it's rating system. We all know that clients/rider is our blood life in this business but for the sale of experimentation, i did what i could for the riders to give me low ratings. I always come late, sometimes i intend to pretend i don't know the road, sometimes i pretend i don't know how to use a gps (most of them reported me for this) after a few days i received an email from UBER Manila stating that my account is on the verge of deactivation as my rating is below 4.6 on which by them is the standard rating that an effecient driver should have and from that email i thought this could be some kind of BS as i knew some drivers who have a 4.3 star ratings and i have a 4.55 by then and yet the drivers i know with a low rating soon gets deactivated,

Now back on the main topic, in just one week i began my experimentation on climbing back my 4.8 star rating. Well some says that if you have a high rating you'll get more ping request on which i think is true as when i got my 4.8 star rating back i got much more request and no more cancelled by riders than on my 4.5 ratings.

How did i get my ratings back to 4.8 star?

Here are the 5 steps what i did to gain it back.

1. I became punctual again - yes i slacked off because of the experiment of having a low rating. After receiving the email, i did change all of it and started to be on time again.

2. I smile and greet - yes this is essential in our business. It makes the riders feel a very welcoming charm upon entering our cars. And they will feel safer to a charming and jolly driver.

3. I opened the door for them - this might not an ideal, but if you want to climbed up, you must do an extra effort and one of them is opening the door for the riders.

4. Aksed their preferred route - you might not get this yet but will explain it from the riders feedback.

5. Provided the best and eargasm musics - with the help of spotify, i created a playlist that is so very relaxing on traffic. I created about 6 playlist having 50 songs on each playlist. I always ask the rider which are their favorite. I have a playlist for super relaxation just like jazz and i have a playlist for party girls like hiphop or edm.

Well that's what i did after a week i got my 4.8 star ratings back. Now let us discuss about my client's feedbacks. If you would ask how i got feedbacks of my passengers, you might want to read my article about the business card strategy.

Here are the things you should consider as majoriry of my clients did mention the ff criteria upon providing a feed back to UBER partners.

1. Enough leg room - majority do want a big space, it makes them feel relax and having a big legroom is always a plus for the passengers.

2. Relaxing music - yes, you read that right. Majority of our passengers wants music, always ask what's their favorite station as he/she will be stuck with you on Metro Manila's ultimate road traffic. Make sure you play a soothing music and should be enjoyable according to their age and mood.

3. less talk and less noise - majority of our passengers are tired, so they are expecting a comfortable ride. Again they want music so play a relaxing  tune.

4. Driver appearance - well it is time to use the be pogi move. Passengers wants a tidy, neat and  presentable driver.

5. Road Courtesy - having this in mind, the passenger will feel safe. Don't speed up if not necessary. Passengers love defensive drivers not aggressive drivers.

6. Safety - the most important to all, safety is the top priority for passengers. So make sure before you drive you are in your top excellent condition.

That's all for now and will try to update this once i have more time. Keep your heds up as more blessings will come UberOn!

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