Maximizing Profit 101: Dual Phone Strategy

Hi guys i know that we are experiencing alot of crap lately because of LTFRB and DOTC accreditation process, but for now let's not ...

Hi guys i know that we are experiencing alot of crap lately because of LTFRB and DOTC accreditation process, but for now let's not ruin our focus on maximizing profit here on UBER Manila, but instead let me help you again with an aditional strategy that might help you in the future.

This article is intended for new UBER Manila partners and for those who are not aware of the advantages of having two mobile phones at work.

What is needed?

- 2 mobile phones 
- 2 different network connection

If you would ask me why? It is because the other phone is for back up. Any phones that has a 3g capability can be your backup phone and i suggest that you have a different network provider that your main mobile phone for UBER manila.

How can this help me? 

It is simple, having two mobile phones and both having a different network connection can provide a better advantage. In mobile network there is a thing called network or data congestion, meaning on an area there's a limit per day and if it reaches the maximum amount, it will restart it's data back to zero and you'll be experiencing delays, clogging of data. Have you ever experienced a late message? What about a sudden disconnection of your network? Well then you already have experienced a network congestion. ( don't believe me? Then ask an expert, call your network provider and ask about network congestion or better yet try asking an Electronic Communications Engineer ).

By doing this you'll get advantage on the competition on the area you are at. Btw did you know that you can log your drivers account on two device simulteanously? Yes you read that right. Since we have the most slowest internet in the world you'll atlest have an advantage and no need to worry about the data spikes. 

In my case i get almost twice request every time, yes both different request on different phone. Just so you would know, which ever the first you accept would be your rider, you can't accept both, i did try but it didn't work. Anyways doing this technique can provide you atleast 10-15% increase of ridership per day.

What phones do you use?

In my case i use the asus zenfone 5 that UBER Manila gave me as a rent to own option and an iPhone 5s. I am using a smart gold 3g connection for my asus and Globe LTE for my iPhone. You could use both Android as i also tried it using my samsung a5 and asus zenfone 5. I think even non high end phones that is capable of 3g will be okay, there are alot of android phones that cost less in Lazada you might want to check them out.

Anyways that's all about it, you'll ne surprised once you try this technique. Let me know your thoughts or if you have questions don't hesitate to contact me via the comments section.

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  1. Per your article - did you know that you can log your driver account on two device simulteanously.
    How is it possible?

    1. Hi,

      If you have two mobilr devices, you can log your partner account on both devices.

  2. Do u think it will not cause for a cancellation?

  3. Hi Jeric,

    nope this will not cause any cancellation on any part of the riders.. We've been doing this from the time we figured it out and still doing this at the present :)