How to properly build up a great driving strategyF

Hi this topic is mainly for existing partners and aspiring uber partners here in UBER Manila. I'll be discussing how i build my driving ...

Hi this topic is mainly for existing partners and aspiring uber partners here in UBER Manila. I'll be discussing how i build my driving strategies in order to boost up my uber profit and getting the same results even if i drive less than 8 hours a day.

This article will help you create your own strategies on the road and of course i won't be discussing my current strategies, this will just be a guide so you could create your own and i do hope for the best for you guys.

How can you properly create a strategy for UBER Manila?

There are many things to consider but i want to point the most important part of creating a strategy. You should take alot of consideration about your preferred time? Would it be flexible or would it be a regular frame?

When you say flexible, you are driving on a time of a day only and will differ on the nexy day and so on, while a regular frame are sort of like a cab which have a time frame (e.g. 6am to 9pm / 6 days a week). Once you give it a consideration you can properly build a driving strategy for your time frame.

Creating a strategy can't be build or will work in an instant, you should know that you should invest on time since you need it for trial and error till you perfected it. Strategies don't work over night so if your primary source of income is UBER well honestly you can't risk your investment to do experimentation. In my case since i am not relying on UBER as my primary source of income, i don't care if my experimentation will fail or not, i just focus on makig it work, i'll explain the details later. 

What are the things you might need!

1. Notebook - well so old school right? this will be used to track your progress. You could use other techy stuff or other means to write down, but i highly suggest the classic. 

2. Post it notes and board - old school again right? Anyways this is for your to do list. Another way to track your progress. I feel doing the antics and classic will boost your morale on pursuing your strategy as in some point you'll feel frustrated, but these things will knock some sense out of you.

3. Enough rest - you might be laughing right now, and would say that this article is BS but you'll understand this sooner once you start building strategies on your own. You need a relaxing feel and enough rest to start a strategy, you must be clearly out of frustration and fatigue in order to think outside of the box and walk through around the problem you'll encounter in the long run. You'll get alot of idea that could materialize and contribute on the success of your strategy when you are well rested before starting out.

Now that i pointed the things you need, we will start on how to build.

Write down your goals - as for me, my goal is to drive less but still get the same result just like driving 15hrs a day.

Think out of the box - list the problem and find a solution. 

Execute the solution - now that you have written the solution, you should execute it. It may not work instantly, but in a business point of view, if there is a slight change then it is working.

This might be a simple concept, but having a strategy on pursuing your goals is really important. In a business, if you haven't got a business plan or strategy, you are wandering to oblivion. But by having one, you are directed to a blooming business.

You see driving just for a sallary is great, but having a strategy can double or triple the income. Imaging working for 6-8 hrs and still getting the same results as 15hrs then jusy think that you have an extra 7-9 hrs of extra driving? Would it be great?

Drive with UBER

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