UBER X does your car belong?

Hi guys, this article is intended for aspiring partners who wants to join UBER Manila. Horray for us as UBER is now an accredited TNC and th...

Hi guys, this article is intended for aspiring partners who wants to join UBER Manila. Horray for us as UBER is now an accredited TNC and thus we are now a legal business in the eyes of the public and the government as well. Before i endulge you on the best part let me tell you this first.

Before proceeding you should have the ff documents in order to apply as a partner in UBER, well yeah i know that this is alot but once you are in, you'll be a part of a lucrative business that have years over ahead.

- DTI Registration (must be regional ncr) and take note the business name should be related to transportation.

- NBI and PNP clearance for drivers (so if you are going to drive your own car then you should ready this documents.

- Professional drivers license

- TIN and latest ITR (if you haven't got one, you may just go to BIR and ask about it)

- TNVS notarized from (you could get the non notarized at uber upon applying for an account).

Pretty neat isn't it? Just a few but yeah could take days to get one of these documents. But better be ready.

Now back to the topic. UBER X is a classification of cars in UBER Manila and here goes some of the list.

- toyota vios
- mirage g4
- honda civic
- honda city
- toyota altis corolla
- hyundai getz, eon, accent
- tata sedan
- innova
- avanza
- kia rio

Mostly are auv (asian utility vehicles), mid size sedan, compact card. Even if your car isn't listed on here, it is best that you should try asking UBER Manila by emailing them at support@uber.com

How lucrative is this husiness? Well i always said before that it is best to have a backup plan. You can't rely on UBER as your primary source of income but then again, it is changing, i think you could now, but it is still best to have a backup plan.

The way UBER and other ride sharing company revolutionize the transport industry, we have a fair chance to earn a decent income. Since we are now legal i think i could give at least a heads up on how much you can earn a week. You can earn around 18k to 35k a week if you drive your own car here in UBER Manila as a full time doing 8hrs a day. Not bad isn't it?

So do you wanna join?

If you are interested you could  use my referral code upon signing up. This way we both earn 2k once you completed your first 10 trips. By using my referral code, i could give you an advantage. I can share my strategies on how i get an average of 12-18 rides per day in less than 8 hrs of driving.

It would be a win-win solution for both of us. What else you could expect in UBER, well it is a roller coaster ride, but i can guarantee that if you work smart you'll earn big in this business. It is better to start now.

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  1. Do you have a driver? Im interested on how to split the share with the driver or his salary, so that i can make an offer, also, what year model for the cars above?

    1. Hi Miguel,

      Majority does 60/40 but you can have your own terms that would fit for you and your driver's contract.

      Uber accepts car models from 2008 to and up. Hope this helps

  2. Thanks for replying, can you elaborate how the 60/40 works? (detailed), im planning to offer the driver a monthly salary of 15k, exclusive of meals, 5 days a week of driving, minimum 12 trips a day, is it fair enough? thanks

    1. Hi Miguel,

      That could work if your driver can do 18 trips a day.

      But study it first as 60/40 works the best way.

      60/40 of net. Ofcourse it excludes gas and meals (the driver should take care of that expense) and also the uber fee of 20%.

      Simple computation would be a 25k a week net. Then 60% goes to you and 40% goes to your driver.

    2. thanks , do i need to split with the driver the gas? or operator pays for it?

    3. Hi Mugel,

      Well it will depend on the contract for your driver. But some do let their driver pay for the gas hence the operator shoulder the maintenance.

    4. Hi,

      What do you recommend? is it fair for a 50/50 split for every gas loading, sorry just a newbie learning the business.


    5. Hi Miguel,

      Well yes that would be okay. It really could help your driver that way. But you are also running a business, you should think also on how you can earn while not sacrificing the happiness of your driver.

      If it were me i could say 60/40 and the driver should be paying for the gas and if he does great and can exceed my expectation i am willing to re-write the contract and will make it 55/45 in that way we could be in a win-win situation.

      He is happy and will do more than what he used to, and will be loyal to you. While you can do something else or much better, save money and probably thinking about adding a new vehicle.

    6. Thanks that makes sense! So in summary

      1. 60/40 net.
      2. driver shoulders the gas and meals, operator shoulders the maintenance
      3. minimum of 18 trips a day , 5 days a week

      btw - do i need to give the driver a daily allowance (500 pesos) and will just deduct it from his 40% share?

      thanks for your patience


    7. Hi Miguel,

      Yes at the first week you should be the one who'll cover it but deduct it once the payout is already out.

  3. Hi Sir Uber Driver,

    couple of question...

    First, since we are now accredited and registered.. does it mean that we will pay tax?

    second... if in case i have 2 driver for a single car, as operator, can i track all the trips and earnings of each driver?


    1. Hi,

      Yes we now need to pay tax i know it sucks haha as our tax are always going into our corrupt governments pockets.

      Anyways yes you could track both of their statuses and trips.

      Hope this helps

  4. Yeah that really sucks tsk tsk...
    How much will be collected on us for the tax then?
    Will they monitor our trips/earnings?
    what will be the basis on how much we need to pay?
    do we pay it individually on a monthly basis? or like the 20% uber fee, it will be deducted to us automatically?

    Thanks again! :)

    1. Hi,

      Yes they will be tracking our trips, as part of the data that tnc such uber need to provide at LTRFB and DOTC..

      we as a business owners should be the one who needs to process our tax every month.

      It's going to be a long process though but it should be okay once we get everything under our boots.

      Hope this helps.