Best vehicle to use for UBER

Hi guys how are you? I really receive alot of emails asking me what is the best vehicle to be use for UBER Manila. Well honestly it is by th...

Hi guys how are you? I really receive alot of emails asking me what is the best vehicle to be use for UBER Manila. Well honestly it is by the preferrence of the partner, but anyways as i promise i'll provide my personal thoughts on this article.

Disclaimer: Just take note that what ever car brands contain on this article is my own personal thoughts, i don't want to initiate brand wars or anything but i'll provide my best according to the data's i gathered from my passengers and my own preferrence.

I personally prefer the 2nd gen Toyota Vios. According to the car experts the 3rd generation of toyota vios is somewhat underpower and consumes alot of gas, but the 2nd gen was somewhat in perfection. Those are the vios issued on 2011-2013 if i am not mistaken. According to 2nd gen owners it can go 16km/l upto 20km/l just think how much money you can save from that. The back seat have enough legroom, but the downside of course it's front seats seems so tight. But then again it is just my personal preference but any cars will do.

Passengers thoughts: leg room is really important for them, if it's a bit spacious they feel relaxed. 9/10 preferred that way. Then there's a good interior, 10/10 agreed having a synthetic leather seats or leathered seats is a big YES for them no matter what car they ride as long as the car have those two qualification then it's easily a 4 star for them, additional 1 star if the driver is magalang and always smiles.

Okay here goes my top 5 preferrence

1. 2nd gen Vios / honda city
2. Altis / civic
3. Hyundai Accent
4. Mirage G4
5. Kia Rio

Yes for me both city and vios (the second gen) or maybe the 3rd gen would be fit for the first spot. Those two cars already proven theirselves on the road. I mean long mileage and can endure long hours on the road. Maintenance wise both brands have an after market replacement parts. So you won't worry on break downs. You can easily find their respective parts and can be back on the road soonest.

My second choice would be an Altis and or a Civic, i know that they are into a bit luxury for a transport business. But hey if you are seriously into this business, you must know that clients prefer the luxury (an easy 5 star rating). But then again having 10.5km/l to 12km/l is a bit off on the budget hut still i appreciate those guys who drove this car for UBER it helps the riders keep comming back for the service.

Hyundai accent, well i also drive this one. What i really want about this car is it's a diesel. So you could save alot of money. i think innova will fit on the 3rd spot as well if it's a diesel.

Well mirage does have a great mileage per liter but i have moved it on my fourth spot because the service and maintenance cost alot and parts are hard to find. Well yes it has a low downpayment and very affordable car but in the long run, i think this isn't a good choice.

Tata, what the hell is tata? Just kidding it's an indian manufactured car, diesel and a great mileage 25km/l to 32km/l. I would move this on the top if there are many aftermarket parts on the PH but sadly it's a bit rare and i only rode it once. Btw it is a bit spacious, one thing i am not comfotable at it is, it's a bit bumpy. I think if you could shed a few thousand for it's suspension this will definitely be a great car for business. Low cost and affordable.

Well there it goes, hope i answered all the emails regarding this questions. Uberon

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  1. Replies
    1. Hi Samuel,

      I haven't got an idea about nissan almera. I'll ask around on those who uses nissan as their uber business car and maybe i could update this once i gathered enough information :)

  2. I just want to ask as new partners should have thier cars accredited by LTFRB for TNVS. Does Honda City can be accredited? As we all know that Honda cars can't be used for public transport. I am planning to get Honda city to start the business. Thank you so much..

    1. Hi Noel,

      I don't think that it would fall as a public utility vehicle, we will still have a white plate and that will still serve as a private vehicle plate :) so i don't think you shouldn't worry about it.

      They only forbid honda cars having a yellow plate.

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Noel,

      You're welcome. Glad i could help.

  4. Hi Sir, What is the oldest model that can be use for UBER? Heard that only 2012 up are being accepted? is this true? TIA!