How i average 12 trips a day

On this article, i want to share the basics on how i average 12 trips a day just by driving less than eight hours. This article would help e...

On this article, i want to share the basics on how i average 12 trips a day just by driving less than eight hours. This article would help existing uber partners and new partners who recently signed up.

Disclaimer: before i start, i want to tell you that this might work for you but it will vary on your driving goals. This article may contain one of my strategies that have worked, but it is up to you on how you can improvise it to maximize your profit in UBER.

How do i average 12 trips a day?

First of all, i want you guys to know that i ain't a fan of hardwork. To be honest, i believe that you can be successful through hard work, but i am much a believer that you can be more successful by working smarter. It's not about how many hours you put in, it's all about thinking on ways to get it the fastest.

I know what you are thinking, i am lazy in a way that i don't want to work hard. But that's not the case, i really do work much harder but not the musculine type that my body can't bare it anymore. I work harder by thinking ways on how i can attain my goals the fastest and yet can enjoy it at the same time. That's actually working smarter than working harder.

Honestly this article would just be an eye opener for you guys. The first strategy that i am going to teach you Is very simple but it does work, majority would just brush this off as majority will think that this would be a super time consuming method. But truth be told this is very simple, and i mean it is plain basic but you can boost your income by doing this.

Strategy # 1: Stop, Look and Observe

A plain simple strategy. Just think out of the box, on every area list down your top 5 location on where you usually get request.

Stop - stop on a location and time it up before you can get a request. Then if you get one depending on how many minutes list it on a paper/notes and rate it with an A,B,C method. A as Good, B as Normal, and C as poor. If you can get a request within 5 mins the  obviously it's an A. 5-10 minutes then it's a B, and 10 mins above then it's a C.

Look - look for other locations so you could do the A,B,C method. In this way, you'll have a database on which locations are having alot of A's. 

Observe - A,B,C method might sometimes work different on some location, it is possible that location one would be an A on monday and it could be a C on the next day and it will be A again on wednesday. So observe your data carefully and always have a documentation about your trips.

Also based on my experience, location may vary on time. Sometimes location one is A and in the next two hours that same location will be a B.

I have told you earlier that you write your 5 best location having an A. Using that info you can build a time schedule using the stop, look and observe strategy. This will lessen your time of driving and can increase your rider base with a 90% accuracy data. 

As you can see this might be a time consuming at first but i assure by the time you get a hold of this strategy and perfected it, it's an easy 12 and up rides for you.

Drive with UBER

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Do come back for more, bookmark this blog so you can be updated. I'll share more strategies in the future. If you have questions don't hesitate to post it on the comment section, i will reply as soon as i can. 

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