Cellphone Holder for UBER Manila business

Hi guys, how are you? I am going to rest for today as I already hit my daily target which is 13 trips. I will take this time to write what i...

Hi guys, how are you? I am going to rest for today as I already hit my daily target which is 13 trips. I will take this time to write what i use inside of my car for my Uber business. As we all know our priority is providing the best customer riding experience for our clients (uber riders) and that means an exceptional service for them.

How can you assure that you can provide the best when driving for a client? I usually ask my uber riders on how they rate the service being provided by them. They often answer a comfortable ride going to their point B (destination) from their point A (pickup point).

Most of them answered that some of the uber partner sometimes uses cellphone while driving, well maybe it is because of checking the GPS, and the riders somewhat sees it as a delicate move. Yes, most of us here doesn't use cellphone holders.

Even if i do ride one, if i see the driver looking at his cellphone than in the road, it is a red flag for me, as i am also concerned for my safety.

Luckily i bought a cellphone holder. The cellphone holder i bought also do have a usb port for charging my asus zenfone provided by Uber Manila. What i like about it and my riders are;

- this cellphone holder is convenient and adjustable. You can adjust the height so that you can take a look at your cellphone even if you are driving.

- the riders can see it and can guide you if your GPS may want you to take a wrong turn.

- the riders can see the fare when you end the trip and as well can see if you already have ended the trip. It makes them feel safe and important as we all know some uber partners doesn't end the trip on time.

- it has a 2 usb port with a 5v 2a  charging capacity, just the right ampere to charge your uber device.

I am lucky that i have bought this one as majority of my riders do comment that they provided me with a 5 star because of that (seeing if i end the trip on time).

I do hope that you find alternatives, but if you can buy one of this using this blog, it will be a big help for me as i earn 3% on every sales this blog can generate through the links i refer. This will also help me to maintain this website to help more uber partners and aspiring partners on the road to their uber business.

What about you? Do you use a cellphone holder? There are many out there but i really recommend this one. It is not a china made and an original brand, but only cost P895, if you can't afford this one you can check this alternative cellphone holder for only P480 it is on sale with a 60% off, the original price was P1200.

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  1. Hi thanks for the info. Can you share some pictures on how the phone holder is set up on your car? Thanks.

    1. Hi Rein,

      Sure will do i'll update this post with proper pictures :)

      Best Regards,

  2. Hi! Can you post the pic of the holder that costs P480? Are they both compatible with an Asus Zenfone 6?

    1. Hi sir,

      Kindly check this link http://ho.lazada.com.ph/SHBz4S that's the actual image

  3. How can you mount this in your car? Do you have actual picture?

    1. This will be placed on the cigarette port of your car

  4. Correct, please insert a photo of the actual advertised CP holder with USB ports. thank you T.U.D.

    1. The design will varry depending on the model they have in hand, ours are a little bit different than the picture on the post, but still has the same functionality and specs. You're very much welcome