Maximizing Profit in UBER 101: Gas Saver

Hi guys, i am searching new techniques and ways on how to save gas. As you would all know, the more gas you save the more mileage your car c...

Hi guys, i am searching new techniques and ways on how to save gas. As you would all know, the more gas you save the more mileage your car can travel and the more profit you can earn here in Uber Manila.

Maybe some of you already know how to properly save gas, i asked some of the UBER Manila Partners on how they save gas and here are some of their answers.

- never go beyond 2k RPM, when you do, you'll increase gas consumption. Alalay lang sa tapak ng gas pedal in order for you not to go beyond that mark.

- if you're using an automatic with an eco meter, set your airconditioning system to the lowest. You'll be amazed on how you can save gas.

- if you yave an automatic airconditioning system, try tunring the automation off, and just set it to the lowest as possible.

- drive at night time, less traffic, more gas effeciency.

- at morning, when starting your car, don't open the aircon till 5 mins. Especially if you have an automatwd aircon (turn that off) as it consumes alot of gas.

- make sure to check the tire pressure, having the right tire pressure contribute to gas efficiency.

- wheel alignment, you should also consider that, if you're wheel is not aligned ot consume more gas. Check ot every 5k of your odo meter.

- if you have a passenger who has alot of big boxes and it looks like you are hauling. You have the right to decline.

Well there you go, those are the top answers of some uber partners i know. But i am still searching for other methods to save gas and i found this Shark Fuel Saver.

Is there someone here using this? I am searching some reviews and i found a mixed review. Some says this really save gas and also made their car's idling in a good sound. I do hope i find more reputable reviews before i buy this one. Well there are verified buyer reviews on Lazada and majority of them says it was working alright. But i just don't see the sense that this can really save gas.

If you ever had tried this one, please let me know. Or if you buy one, let me know your experience on this device. I'll make sure if i bought one, i'll definitely write a review and will recommend this, but for now i am also in your shoe, i am interested but i really don't have a clue.

Disclaimer: I am not yet recommending this product, i haven't tried it yet. Buying this product through this blog is on your discretion.


There was a feedback that this device doesn't work. It was proven by tests. Do not buy this thing as it is only a waste of money. Thanks god that someone commented abt this. Thank you sor Jaime Villar for your detailed reply, you have helped us on this one. I almost put my money on this device for the purpose of testing it for this blog.

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  1. hi, your blog is very informative. :D

  2. hi, your blog is very informative. :D

    1. Thank you so much :) hope you could come back to my blog as i'll be sharing more tips :)