Strategic Approach to hit UBER Manila Incentives

Hi guys it is a lucky week for me, i finally hit the incentives for July 20 to July 26 and i want to share it to you guys how I did it, alth...

Hi guys it is a lucky week for me, i finally hit the incentives for July 20 to July 26 and i want to share it to you guys how I did it, although there's still 2 days till the cut off and i'll just be driving tomorrow and will rest on Sunday since i already got the 35 non peak mark.

I'll be sharing this as i believe that the next week promotion will be just the same and i do hope that you guys can get it next week if you haven't hit it this cut off. If in any case that the promotion next week is different, this might come in handy if this week promotion will repeat in the next few weeks.

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Okay will be starting how i did hit the promotion this cut off.

First i want you to know that even though luck has been pouring on my side this week, i still approach it with a strategy. It is better to equip your self a knowledge before hitting the road as i always say "Drive Smart no Hard" in order for you to enjoy driving in Uber Manila.

First day July 20:

I started at 6am, since i believe that Monday will be the hardest day in the week. Many people had this Monday sickness and on my statistics, i really get a low request on my preferred time frame every Monday, so i started early.

I advice that you always record or do notes whenever you finished your day so you would know what you did wrong. As for me, my notes come in handy, i record every event in order to do better next week and on my data, 9pm to 3am won't work on Monday's.

I ended my shift by 9pm and i got a total of 13 trips. 10 peak hours from 6am to 9am and 4pm to 9pm. And i got 3 non peak trips from 10am to 3pm.

This might not be a good record, but still, this is just the start of the day.

Second day July 21:

By this time, I focused on completing the 35 non peak trip first as this is the most important part in order to earn big for this week's promotion.

I started to get a ride by 10:15am, to 3:45pm, I got a total ride of 6 trips by this time, and i rested from 4pm to 8:30pm and started driving again from 9pm to 3am and got 9 trips by this time frame. In total i got a 15 non peak trips.

Third day July 22:

Same as tuesday i started by 10am to 4pm and i got a total ride of 5 non peak trips and resumed driving 9pm to 3am, i got 7 non peak trips by this time frame. A total of 12 non peak trips.


I started again by 10am to 2pm, i got a 5 non peak trips (i already hit my non peak qualifier here) and rested from 1pm to 3pm and started to drive from 4pm to 9pm. i got a total of 4 peak hour trips. I have experienced the downtime here, i think i just made bad decision to position my self on another experimentation on which after this day, i really did think over and decided to not pursue another experimentation on a location.


Since my car is number coding, i started by 6:30 pm ( i know, i might get in trouble, but from my place going to a prime destination  can take 20 mins. I got a trip by 6:50pm. And somewhat made a lucky 5 short trips. My rider requested for 2 bookings. Of course two different accounts (techno hub to, t.sora. then t.sora to centris) i asked politely that this won't do and suggested that i'll just wait for him after we drop her girlfriend off. But to my surprise, he said that he'll just book another one using his account (the initial account who booked was her girlfriend). and the other 3 trips were just short trips. Yes i am such a lucky bastard, but i don't experience this all the time so i am really happy that this happened today. In total i got 5 peak hour trips.

So far i already got 35 non peak trips and 19 peak hour trips and i still got Saturday.. I'll just drive tomorrow 6am to 10am and then 4pm to 9pm, to complete my week.

My thoughts that i want to share with you:

You'll notice that i didn't drive on the peak hours from tuesday and wednesday and thursday mornings. If you would ask me why, my answer would be, i don't want to waste my gas driving on a hard traffic. Besides it will just stress me to hit the quota. Being in traffic sometimes do good but most of the time consumes alot of time, so i didn't mind not driving on those busy hours, I focused first on the non peak target then do the peak hour target later. I know that this is a risky move, but this is business and sometimes you need to take risk, although i still back my thoughts with my strategy.

I'll share my detailed strategy to my referrals who completed their first 10 trips. I am pretty sure that you guys will benefit from this first, to the readers on my blog, don't worry as i'll share this tips on my next few post. I just want my referrals to benefit with my detailed strategies first.

Well there you go as of writing this, i am already at home and just resting and conditioning my self for Saturday. I do wish i get more peak hour trips tomorrow and do hope that i can get atleast 15 more peak hour trips. I'll update this by tomorrow.

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