How to get a 5 star Rating

hi guys did you know that the ratings given by our passangers/riders are our lifeblood on UBER? If we get below 4.6 star we are  on the v...

hi guys did you know that the ratings given by our passangers/riders are our lifeblood on UBER?
If we get below 4.6 star we are on the verge of being cut off or being deactivated on UBER. How can we make sure that our rider will give us 5 star rating everytime they leave our car?
before that i want to confess to you guys, i did try being rude to my riders to contest if what below 4.6 rating is our limit. I reached 4.6 on which UBER Manila emailed me that if it gets lower, my account will get deactivated. I did it on purpose, I used longer routes, gasing up while the rider is still on board, and i even stop and slow down on each corner just to piss off the rider to make sure they rate me lower.
By doing so i received an email from UBER containing that i am in the verge of deactivation if my ratings goes lower than 4.6 star.
How important the ratings are?
Ratings provide the riders an ease on their trip, the higher the ratings the more comfortable the rider will be.
This might be a taboo or other partners don't know that the higher the ratings the higher the ping you'll get (more passengers yey!!).
That is really how uber works for the ratings, but i really don't exactly know the algorithym on how uber calculates it, but one thing for sure, if the rider is happy you'll receive a great rating.
Now comming back to my experience, after recieving an email from UBER i started to execute what i learned from Networking or Multi Level Marketing on how to please any person you interact with.
Here's what i did to please the passenger and in just a week my rating rose from 4.6 to 4.74 stars (better than 75% of other parters).
Always greet them
Always greet them ( good morning, good afternoon, good evening) when they call and when they enter your car. By doing this, they will feel welcomed and relaxed.
Say thanks for the compliment they say
Always say thanks to the riders when they compliment your car, even for a small details. This might also be a start of a good conversation, a rider complementing a car means he/she feel so relaxed.
Music is KING while on traveling
Some riders really doesn't want to talk, but everyone of them is listening to what you are listening on your car. I suggest that you play a soothing music on the evening and an upbeat in the morning to afternoon.
It gives them a comfortable feeling to start or end their day, even though they don't talk, you see them smiling, or feel relaxed.
I use Spotify premium for my music, on evenings i play jazz, saxophone playlist, or blues. On Mornings i play the wake up good playlist on spotify and it always doesn't let me down. Riders compliments my playlist saying that i have a great list of music in my car, i don't tell them that it's spotify's work :D

Always tell the rider about waze
Always tell the rider that you'll be using waze to bring them to their destination, and ask politely if the routes that waze provide is okay with them. Althoug sometimes waze gives a bad route, ask your rider politely and tell them " mam/sir waze did give us a bad route, can you please guide me to your destination if you know any shortcuts to make sure that you'll arrive much earlier on your destination" this works like charm, and always end your question with smile :)
Converse with your rider
If your rider is talkative then you are lucky, you won't get bored and you'll definitely get a high ratings from them. If the rider is  not talkative, just let them be.
Answer your riders in a formal way, use po and opo, even if you are the owner of your car, you'll leave a good impression to your riders.
Volume Control
Some of the riders do converse on their phone, make sure to volume down your music when they use their phone. Volume down your music when there are riders conversing. This will give them the impression that you do care for them.
Notify them
Always notify your rider when you are going to begin the trip and before ending the trip. In my case, as soon as we arrive on their destination i always say " mam/sir i'll be ending the trip na po "
Say Thank You
Again after ending the trip and before you go, roll down your windows and say thank you to your rider even if they are already on their gate. Always end it with smile. I always do say thanks and i always add up " thank  you po for choosing our service, i do hope you enjoy your ride, have a great night/morning/afternoon po "
well that's basically it, in just a span of a week, my ratings rose from 4.6 stars to 4.74 stars and still rising.
After it rose to 4.74 stars i got about 20% increase of ping than when my rating was 4.6 stars.
Hope this help guys.

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