The Right Way To Engage In Business In Uber Philippines If You Are A Driver

We received a lot of emails on how we run our Uber Philippine business. Some do ask us how we can manage our fleet?. First, you should r...

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We received a lot of emails on how we run our Uber Philippine business. Some do ask us how we can manage our fleet?. First, you should read this article “7 tips to be a successful operator in Uber Philippines”. This article will help you if you plan to be an operator in Uber Philippines.

The majority of those concerns came from Uber Drivers being abused by their operators. We solely wrote this article to guide them up and teach them how to engage in this kind of business the right way.

Here in our fleet, we don’t take matters so lightly. We have a business plans and goals that we must reach on every timeframe we had planned, a not met target means it is a lost for us. We always make sure that everything is on the right track and taken care of especially our partners (drivers).

We always think about a lifelong partnership with our partners. Without them we aren’t moving forward, so we treat them with respect. That’s our business model.

How can a driver protect himself on an abusive Operator?

Ask for a contract. If your operator is serious about this business, they need to protect it by having a contract. A contract that both parties agreed to. In other words, a win-win solution for both parties. Remember that you are a key to making their business grow. In exchange for the opportunity, you should do your part to make it a reality by providing your professional skill. Both parties should treat each other with respect, without it, the business model will collapse.

Why do we need a contract?

The contract will eliminate unwanted and questionable business practices. The contract will save the driver and the operator’s time. Some of the emails we received contain that their operator is somewhat asking for additional income deduction that will be used for car maintenance even though as the agreement would be a 60/40 share.

Understanding the 60/40 share would be the net income after all the expenses and Uber Philippines deduction fees. By that said, the maintenance deduction should be on the gross income and not by the net income, simple issues like this could be eliminated easily by having a contract.

The contract should state everything clearly including the scope of the operation and what both parties can’t do. If ever one party breached the contract, the other party could use it for legal action.

Read the contract first before signing it. Let the operator state everything so you could understand, respect his terms and if there’s a term you think you can’t agree upon, you can always counter offer that would make it a win-win situation for you and the operator.

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