5 Things Your Car Will Experience While Driving In Uber Philippines

We know how frustrating it is for the current market. Earning just small dibs when we all do so hard to convey our passengers with a 5-s...

We know how frustrating it is for the current market. Earning just small dibs when we all do so hard to convey our passengers with a 5-star service. Unfortunately, some of us experience backlash from passengers and were given low star ratings for the cause we don’t even know and worst our car suffers from those crazy but adorable passengers.

Disclaimer: We are not discouraging people who want to join Uber. Instead, we just want this to be an eye opener. If you really love your vehicle but still want to earn by driving, then you just need to be ready and open-heartedly accept that this will happen.

The Submarine

Uber Driver: Ma’am Sorry po! Hindi po makakadaan yung sasakyan ko, Malalim po yung baha!
Passenger: Ay… Kuya, Kaya po yan! Malalate na po kasi ako!

Well, that scenario says it all. Should we say more?

The Monster Truck

Uber Driver: Ma’am malapit na po ako sa pickup location, paturo naman po yung exact location, mali po kasi yung nasa app.
Passenger: Sige po kuya, kanan lang po kayo sa may second na kanto pag pasok ng village, then yung white gate po sa dulo, ayun na po saamin.
Uber Driver: Salamat po!

Some passengers just think, that our car is a 4x4 monster truck!

The Magic Hat

Passenger: Kuya, andito po kami sa pick up entrance ng hypermarket.
Uber Driver: Cge po, I’m on my way na po.
(2 minutes later)
Uber Driver: Ay Ma’am passensya na po, maximum of four passengers lang po ang pede sa Uber.
Passenger: Kasya naman kuya, pag di mo kami sinakay, rereport kita sa Uber!

Well some passengers do think our car is somewhat a magic hat that can fit more than it could! Wait, maybe there's a magic space on our trunk! (evil smile)

The Movers

Passenger: Hello, Kuya dito po sa may yellow na gate, may ililipat lang po gamit papunta sa kabilang bahay!
Uber Driver: …

Yes, sometimes our car is really for moving a passengers home sofa, home entertainment. It's what we signed up on! Giving 5-star service including being a mover (grin)

The One Seater

Passenger: Kuya, ipasok nyo po dyan tpos kaliwa po, tpos doon na po bahay ko.
Uber Driver: Ma'am, hindi po kasya sasakyan ko dyan.
Passenger: Kasya yan, lagi po ako nagpapahatid dito, motor nga kasya eh!

Some passengers just think that our car can fit on any street! Maybe there's a feature in our car, a button perhaps that can make our car fit on a narrow street, more of a mach 5 street racer type vehicle.

Well, we really do love our passengers, but sometimes there are crazy people that doesn’t know how much we value our cars. Be an Uber Manila Partner Driver/Operator in Philippines and earn while you drive on your most convenient time. (We cannot guarantee how much you will earn, but at least you can drive when you are free to do so!) P.s. pun intended!. Uber on!

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