Why do riders get low ratings

We asked more than 200 partners/drivers if they ever give 3 or lower stars to riders and we are surprised of what they have said. Majority...

We asked more than 200 partners/drivers if they ever give 3 or lower stars to riders and we are surprised of what they have said.

Majority says that they even gave 1 star ratings to riders and that depends on the situation.

Here are the top 5 reasons why drivers rate their riders less than 5

Disrespectful / Arrogant Riders - it's no brainer, if you don't respect the driver be ready to receive a low rating.

I experienced it on hand, there are alot of riders who thinks lowly on the drivers. We would like to tell you guys that majority of the partners here in UBER Manila are professionals and we just drive for UBER for part time and extra income, in some cases it is our way to relieve our stress and to try a different point of view in the society.

Some of the drivers said, if the rider is arrogant / disrepectful then minus one star on their rating.

Riders who slammed the car doors - how many of us here experienced a rider(s) who slam the door? I guess it was a norm for the taxi or cabs in Manila, but not in UBER.

Majority said that it hurts them hearing their car's door being slammed by the rider after the ride and when they go down.

Riders you should know that our car is our precious, some of us do love the car more than themselves and by doing that our car could be broken.

The payment for the time you rode on our car is not enough to cover or to replace the broken doors. So please, you can close the door gently and not by slamming it.

Majority says that if a rider slammed the door after, the rider gets a minus 1 star rating.

Riders who don't value time - how many of you guys here experienced a rider who doesn't value your time?

The rider requested a ride then you are already on the pickup location then he/she call for you to wait 5 mins but actually it will be more than 10 minutes.

Majority said, if the rider doesn't value the partner's time, it's a minus 2 stars.

Time is important for us partners, we value and respect your time as a rider, but please be professional. If you request a ride be sure you are already ready as we are also more than ready to provide you our service when we accept that request.

Riders who doesn't follow the rules - how many of you experienced a rider requesting and when you arrived at the pickup location, the pax are more than 4 (only allowed in the vehicle).

When you refuse they will curse you and threaten you that they will report you in UBER.

For this majority answered minus 2 stars.

Riders who doesn't dispose their trash properly - have you experienced this kind of rider? Well majority did.

Spilled drink, how about them fries? Oh yes lots of those pieces in the floor. Majority did find it disrespectful in their car and that is a candidate for minus 2 stars on the rating.

To the riders who does this, please place your feet on the shoes of the next passenger, you don't want to ride a car which is untidy right? Also this would be a cause for roaches and interior problem in the future.

Well guys that's all about it and for our riders we only do hope one thing and that is to respect the driver and the car,

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  1. I can understand how d driver-partner feels when the rider slams the door Have you asked the respondents if they also give a low rating to riders who are too gentle in closing the door? I am guilty of this and I am in a quandary if the driver will give me a low rating for the trouble of having to close the doors correctly themselves or if they will appreciate it if I open the door again and slam the door in the process just to make sure the door is closed securely. Or maybe to avoid this the driver may open and close the door for the passenger as some driver-partners have done in some instances. Those who did so tell me this is part of the orientation anyway.

    1. Nope i don't think drivers will gove low rating on passengers that treat the cars gently :)