5 reasons why you will love Uber Philippines

UBER Philippines! Everyone's private driver Who doesn't love Uber Philippines? Well maybe those who haven't tried the servic...

UBER Philippines! Everyone's private driver

Who doesn't love Uber Philippines? Well maybe those who haven't tried the service yet. But for those who already have and experienced Uber, it is a no brainer question. Uber Philippines is the most safest, affordable, reliable and convenient way to go around Metro Manila and even foreigners and artist do ride in Uber Philippines too.

Here are the 5 reasons why you will love Uber Philippines than any other transport once you try the service.

  1. The Driver(s) - You'll really see a lot of difference from the traditional transportation and in Uber Philippines. Drivers in Uber Philippines are courteous, neat, and well mannered. It is like you've rode a luxury car driven by chauffeurs. You'll definitely experience a culture shock if it's going to be your first time riding one.
  2. The Vehicle(s) - All of the cars are well maintained, smells good, and of course majority of the vehicles are brand new models. Sometimes you'll experience riding a high end sedan with some freebies.

    While of course in the traditional transportation, the car sometimes are unfit for the road. Sometimes the car model were dated decades ago, smells bad of course and there are a lot but i think we don't need to mention those.
  3. Passenger Safety - Would you dare try to sleep while on a public vehicle? There's a reason for you now :) Safety of passenger is the top priority of Uber Philippines and they have invested a lot of money for this.

    You'd see the driver's information like name and picture, the car's plate number and model, and you can send those info to your love ones with just a click away. Unlike on the traditional transportation, oh well do we need to mention this one?
  4. Affordable Rates - Yes, Uber Philippines is much affordable than the traditional transportation here in Metro Manila. A ride from Makati to BGC can only cost around P80-P100 while on the traditional transport it may even cost you around P120 - P150 plus the additional fee that the drivers will need.
  5. Convenience - Well the era of being refused on hailing a PUV (Public Utility Vehicle) has ended. In Uber Philippines you can get a vehicle wherever you are in Metro Manila. You just need to have the Uber Philippines Application and have an account then your vehicle and driver will be at your location in minutes.

    Imagine you're just at your home and wanted to go to another place, you'll just request a ride then the driver will be there in a few minutes, how convenient is that? Absolutely, there's no hassle on getting home, going to your next destination, and of course the vehicles are all neat and comfortable.
Uber Philippines and all the partners have only one goal, and that is to provide a better reliable alternative transportation here in Metro Manila. So if you haven't tried Uber Philippines yet, then we advised you to try it just once, and we can assure you that you'll forget about using other means of transportation once you ended your first ride.

If you don't have an account, you can use our referral link by clicking here. You'll receive a free credits worth up to P600 (P200 off on each ride). We are pretty sure you'll also love Uber Philippines the way the majority do.

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