Why commuters patronize UBER than a taxi.

Again, we've reached out to some riders and asked them why they patronize UBER than cabs or taxis here in Manila and the answers didn&#...

Again, we've reached out to some riders and asked them why they patronize UBER than cabs or taxis here in Manila and the answers didn't surprise us at all.


This is their number one concern. In the past few months, there were horror stories involving cab drivers mugging their passengers, rape accusation, and etc.

Most of the cabs here in Manila are also not fit on the road. One if the riders said " do you know the cars in some action movies that they'll run into a ramp and will explode, It feels like you are on one if you rode those kind of cabs before "

The majority of passengers who transitioned from cab / taxi to UBER felt 100% safe.


You don't need to fall in line just to get a ride as simple as that. You can also get a ride even if you are at the convenience of your home.

The majority of the passengers said that the convenience they experienced in UBER is the reason why they patronized the app based transport.


It is true that riding in UBER is much more cheaper than a cab. The chance of being ripped off by a driver is somewhat non existent in UBER.

Price is also almost a fraction of a cost in cabs, plus you won't experience drivers asking for bribes just to let you in.

Majority have said that when they tried UBER, their commuting budget dropped about 15% and that 15% are now becomes their savings.


Majority of the riders we've asked said that the UBER experience changed how they commute on the road. It is like we have ridden a chauffeur or a 5 star service with a professional driver who always smile and keep on thriving to make sure that we get the most out of the experience.

Well dressed and of course almost all of them are always in high spirits, always smiling and that makes us riders feel that we are somewhat special, unlike when you ride a cab, it's a total disaster back then.

Some of the riders we asked have said that they forgot a document or item on an UBER ride and was returned to them while if it was in a cab, they'll never expect it to be returned.

Our thoughts

Riders have a high expectation of the service we are offering as an UBER Partner. It is true that riders shouldn't expect, but that's why they patronize our service. Being safe, having their convenience, affordability and professionalism which cab drivers lack.

We do hope everyone and new partners could fill the gap and can meet what the riders had expected in the first run.

That's what differentiate us with the cab industry. We do what they lack in terms of safety, convenience and professionalism. That's why passengers patronize UBER not the company itself, but what the partners are doing.

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