4 Waze features that Uber riders should be thankful it exist

Photo credits to: kotse.com Some riders just can’t appreciate the GPS (Global Positioning System) app called Waze. In fact, some...

Photo credits to: kotse.com

Some riders just can’t appreciate the GPS (Global Positioning System) app called Waze. In fact, some of the riders do rate their drivers low when the upper driver will use Waze to go to their desired drop off location. In this article we will be elaborating the 4 features that Uber riders should be thankful for using Waze and hopefully they will reconsider because of the great benefits to them.

1.    Fastest route - Despite of the heavy traffic here in Metro Manila, it is really frustrating that going around the city can cause headache and of course can ruin our mood, can instantly flip our switch from having a great day into a disastrous day in an instant. But thanks to Waze suggestions of other app users can be very helpful, as Waze can find the best route suggested by other Waze users and the app will guide you on the best route without or with less traffic.

2.    Reroute - One feature that we drivers love about Waze is this app can reroute you when something happen like a major traffic jam because of a road accident, again this will on #1 as it will still search the fastest route going to your destination. Imagine if you as a rider didn’t know that there’s a major accident, it could be hours before it can be cleared and you’ll be stuck there for hours without Waze guides the driver to re-route your way to your destination.

3.    Shortest route - this feature could help those riders whose day are the nights (grave yard shifts) since there’s no traffic, Waze can find the shortest route going to your destination, imagine how much money you’ll save with this feature? Remember that in UBER the per KM rate is P5.70, if Waze can find the shortest route and can cut the distance less 5km, you’ll save P20+ on your bill.

4.    Event Radius - Waze can detect all what’s happening on the streets with up to 200km radius, so Waze will know in advance where’s the traffic, what’s fastest way, what’s the shortest way, if there’s any road accidents, and all of you can think of that could happen on the road.
Because of these features, UBER drivers can provide you better service and it also benefits you as a rider because you can save money and time. So next time you ride an UBER ask your driver if he could use Waze so that you can enjoy a hassle free ride.


Just make sure that you pin the right drop off location on your Uber app, so that you can get this bonus. If you pin your drop off location correctly, you can also have the convenience to sleep in your Uber driver’s car without worrying about your safety. Waze will guide your driver to your drop off location accurately (home, office, or etc.). Can you do that on a traditional cab? I bet, you can’t even think of sleeping on a cab without compromising your safety. UBER ON!

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  1. Hi Kyle,

    I accidentally deleted your comment but here's my answer.

    it is possible if you won't hire a driver and if you are going to buy a car, it is much better that don't get a car with a high MA and will not exceed 15k per month.

    Also don'y rely on UBER as your primary income, make sure you have a backup plan. If you guys still have question you guys can contact us at tudmanila@gmail.com