My TL is my Uber driver

We always ask our passengers for feedback and this time we asked them how much they love UBER and how they can support us Uber partners...

We always ask our passengers for feedback and this time we asked them how much they love UBER and how they can support us Uber partners on the verge of a hot topic that the media is throwing while other party list are appealing of the suspension of the TNC (Transport Network Company).

There's one email we received that really amazed us and we really wanted to share this positive story to each and everyone.


I just want to tell you how i really love UBER and i totally support it. Infact i got a short story to tell you guys and i would be glad if this could help. My name is Kate Flores, i've been a customer of UBER Manila for the past 5 months now and majority of my ride are the best experience for a commuter like me.

I started riding it because of the convenience. I used to ride a taxi before but since the news came out about rape and spray incidents I became very affraid to ride one as i have a friend who experienced a spray incident, they reported it to the police and it never moved on, they tried contacting LTFRB hot line but it was to non existent.

Uber Manila changed the way i commute as i can easily get a ride whenever i want with just the app, and it will be there in minutes, i never had a chance to haggle for a ride unlike in a taxi, i've been refused so many times and if ever they agree they wanted some additional P50 on top of the taxi meter fare.

Majority of the taxi cars here in Makati also looks dangerous, only a blind man can't see those 10 years old taxi than can still operate on the streets, while Uber cars are brand new and clean, even the drivers are courteous and neat looking.

When it comes to safety, there's a function on the app that you can send the drivers info and where you are to your family or loved ones in an instant. While on a taxi, it's like always guess what and who would it be, sometimes you'll just pray that something bad won't happen.

I am also amused as i work on a BPO company and one of my team leader also drive for UBER, on all of the odds, i requested one going home and i was surprised when the car came. It was him, and he drives for UBER when he has free time, i asked him why he drive on Uber, because he earns alot on our company. He said that, he likes the idea of an extra income and just by driving on his extra time, it can cover for his food and gasoline, and sometimes for upgrade on his car.

I really never like the guy when we are on the floor, he's somewhat like a bossy one or an arrogant one, but i was surprised because when he drives on Uber he's not like the TL i know on the floor, he's so corteous (magalang) , he even says po and opo with a Ma'am whenever he speaks.

After the ride, it just came in to my mind that i think all the drivers are just being professional on what they do, just like my TL when he is on the floor, he's taking his job seriously and being arrogant to be authorative so most guys on the floor would listen to him, while driving on UBER he's kind and calm and doing his job as an Uber driver professionally.

Thumbs up and hope Uber would last!

Kaye Flores

Well there you go guys, it's really something we could be proud of, btw we replied on her email and asked the name of the driver so atleast we could help to promote him. Once we get the name of the driver we will surely update this post.

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