3 things to consider to increase your income in UBER Manila

It is true that incentives are declining, but that doesn't mean that you can't earn in UBER in fact, most of the pioneers doesn...

It is true that incentives are declining, but that doesn't mean that you can't earn in UBER in fact, most of the pioneers doesn't rely on the incentives to thrive in UBER.

Here are 5 essential ways to increase your earnings in UBER

1. Gasoline efficiency. You are a bit lucky if your car runs on diesel, but for those partners with a gasoline type engine, you should maximize the efficiency of your gasoline.

How is this related? Well, if you can save some expenses on gasoline then you're earning. Remember that saving is a part of a process to have more money in the future. The more you save, the more you can earn. The more you can maximize the efficiency of your gasoline the longer you can be on the road.

We use Waze to find gasoline stations that offer the lowest per liter and we take advantage of that low price very well.

2. Planning your route. It is very efficient if you plan your route before you go out to drive, that way you would know which locations have a few passengers. It is also better to write data and information in a notebook, so that you can plan ahead.

Planning is very essential in a ridesharing business as it always takes out the risk whenever you drive. Knowing which place at a given time would be best to drive would increase your earnings in UBER Manila.

3. Customer rentention. Having loyal customers can boost your business income. It is proven in any other kind of business. So make sure to provide your best service to the passengers so that they ride your vehicle again.

We did do some strategy on how you can get a loyal customer and that's by doing the business card strategy. You might want to read it, maybe it would work for you too.

There you are guys, these three things you might want to consider in order for you to increase your income in UBER Manila. If you have any questions or you need help, don't hesitate to contact  us on our email theflightpod@gmail.com

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  1. Hi Sir!

    Been reading your blog for a month now :) I just have a question..
    Yung regular customers niyo, paano sa inyo nakakapagbook? Kasi diba system ang magaassign sa riders ng drivers? Ang iniisip ko is dapat nasa area ka lang(pero paano kung marami kayo sa area na available?) or literal ba dapat nasa harap/tabi ng rider para ikaw ang maassign sa kanya?

    Thank you :)

    1. Hi,

      Yes they will request while inside the car. Uber system assign the passenger to the nearest driver. Since the passenger is inside the car already, then the request will be 100% will be to you.

  2. I see! :) Marami pa kong dapat matutunan hehe. Is it true na hindi na po nag 'bibigay'/nagpapahiram si UBER ng phones sa drivers?

    1. Hi Jam,

      Wala na pong rent to own, for rent n lng which cost P1200. Mahal po, kya we advice bumili n lng sa labas and yung phone n pnpgmit nila minsan maraming issues