5 major reasons why your uber partner account gets deactivated

5 Major reasons why your uber partner account gets deactivated Hi guys it is getting alarming as once againe Uber Philippines is deactiv...

5 Major reasons why your uber partner account gets deactivated

Hi guys it is getting alarming as once againe Uber Philippines is deactivating some partners who have received a lot of negative feedback from riders. It is increasing dramatically and we of course don't know when will that happen.

Good thing that there's an update on the android app on where you could see about the feedback and what areas in your service should you improve. Being deactivated means that UBER Philippines already see you as not valuable to continue the partnership as it might conclude that you have violated Uber Philippine's policy to operate under the flagship of UBER technologies Inc as an independent contractor.

Mostly there are reasons why you get deactivated, some of them are accumulative and some of them are just an instant away for example on what had happened to the driver who almost hit his passenger with a steel pipe, but that was totally insane for real, here are 5 major reasons why your uber partner account gets deactivated.

5 Major Reasons why your UBER partner account gets deactivated

  • Excessive Cancellation - Uber Philippines can deactivate your partner account for excessive cancellations. Whenever you accept a request, this means that you are the nearest partner that can accommodate the request, and if you cancel even if you chose the "do not charge the rider", it is still counted as a ride cancellation.

    In UBER International such as LA, DC, NY, KC, TX and etc. they are experiencing this problem and of course they practice their rights as an Independent Contractor and they have freedom to do so, although UBER International did not see it as beneficial for the company so they terminate and deactivate partner account with high cancellation rate without prior notice.

    Here in Metro Manila, of course we all know that those request are precious, but sometimes it is inevitable that we need to cancel the ride request for emergencies and if the rider is so far away, but keep in mind to balance that cancel ride request. If you are not ready to take the request, might as well stay offline till you are to avoid the penalty of partner account deactivation.

  • Untimely Starting Trips - Mostly the problem here in Metro Manila, a lot of partners gets deactivated for accumulative reports from riders about starting their trip early even thought the rider is not on the car yet. This had been discussed on the on boarding process repeatedly as this is the most frequent report that Uber Philippines receive from the riders.

    We just want to warn you guys, that you may even get away from the first or the second, but doing this frequently could get your Uber partner account penalized. Starting the trip without the rider on your car is a violation on Uber Philippines policy

  • Minor Accidents - Some partners aren't aware and at least didn't pay attention on the on boarding process. Reporting an accident involving you and your car can get your Uber partner account deactivated. Only report when you are in a major accident.

    Reporting an accident can alarm the system and you'll get deactivated, it's a long process, you need proof that the rider is not hurt, and may need police report and other documents before your account get reinstated. Some partners may thought that Uber Philippines will help them for the repairs, but sad to say Uber Philippines will only help the passenger in case of a major accident, and for your car repairs, well it's on you and your insurance.
  • Not Conveying passengers within Metro Manila - From this itself, some drivers don't convey passengers because of excuses like, they don't have enough gas, they are already going home and out of their way and etc. If the rider reports you when you do that especially on the allowed serviced area (Metro Manila) your Uber partner account may get deactivated.

     Don't go online if you are not ready to service a client, If you are already going home or you don't have enough gasoline, then just go offline. Don't risk loosing your business for such a petty excuses.
  • Low ratings - constant low ratings from passengers can be a ticket for uber partner account deactivation. As per Uber Philippines, a partner needs to maintain at least 4.6 star ratings in order to continue as an independent contractor.

    If your ratings go below 4.6 Uber Philippines will send you an email containing a warning for such ratings. The best way is to make sure that you always keep the quality service for your clients in order not to be deactivated. Quality over quantity, always keep your cool and handle every riders professionally.

If your account gets deactivated, you can email support@uber.com and ask to review your account, usually they will tell you how many days your account might be inactive or they will request you to go to the office.

Well there you go, that's the 5 major reasons why uber partner accounts gets deactivated by Uber Philippines. Just keep in mind that Uber is a transport service that we as an Independent contractor agreed to its policy in order for us to represent Uber for it's client so that we could earn.

Are you interested to be an Uber Partner? If so please check the how to join Uber Manila for more information. If you already have an account and you are a driver and you are looking for a driving job, check the wanted uber driver for the list of operator looking for Uber drivers.

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