The business card strategy in Uber Manila

The Business Card Strategy in Uber Manila Let met explain this strategy as i am receiving a lot of email on how to do this, first i want...

The Business Card Strategy in Uber Manila

Let met explain this strategy as i am receiving a lot of email on how to do this, first i want to say sorry as i am not a professional writer, so please excuse me if the articles written here have grammar errors in it.

I'll try to explain how the business card strategy work, and i have been using this strategy a week after i joined Uber Manila 2 years ago. This strategy did save my business in Uber Manila when we experience almost 4 months without the incentives.

What is the goal of this strategy?

First we should tackle about the goal of this strategy so that you could better understand on how to execute this strategy seamlessly. The goal of this strategy is to gain loyal customers that would be willingly repeat your service in other words customer retention. 

In any traditional business, you need a business card for two things. Branding and Contact Information. In order for the client to know your business and also to know whom he/she would contact in case he/she will be needing the service. If the client experience a great service he/she could refer the service to his/her friends and aslo a chance that the client will repeat the service again.

How can this help me in Uber Manila?

You should know that every Uber Partner is your competition, by having a business card will definitely be a game changer. The clients (in our case the passengers) would know that you are serious in the business, you are branding your service as an Uber Driver/Operator with the use of the business card. This will eliminate a lot of competition if you could get a regular clientele that will repeat your service.

How does the business card strategy work?

I use it on two things, one is to get a feedback from my clients, i know that today we can already see the feedback on our partner app, but what i mean about client's feedback is on how you can improve your service more in a more conversational approach or a more humanly conversation. 

Here's what i did, before my passenger gets out of my car, i will say thank you for choosing the Uber Service, and will also hand my business card at the same time.

After handing my business card, i would say that if i could take a few minutes of the client's time to ask for a feedback to improve my service for them again and also to my future passengers. I'll also tell them that they could leave the feedback on my email so that he/she could do it on his/her most convenient time.

I thought at first that this wouldn't work, but after a few weeks of doing this strategy, i got a swarm of feedback and of course i made time to thank them for providing their feedback for my improvement. I now have informations on what they want or expect in a ride and also can implement it on my future passengers.

Secondly those who made time to write for a feedback, began contacting me on my number and asking me if i am available to service them again. Yes and it was indeed a customer retention. At that time, even though Uber didn't provide incentives, my business in Uber as an independent contractor were healthy as usual. It took only a month that i needed another car to make sure that i service my regular clients and till now they are still choosing us for that and new regular clients are being added on our list.

It took only a few initiative steps and it is really easy to do. One thing is for sure, the business card strategy did save me and probably yours too.

If you want a professionally made business card you can email them at, they are the one who's been providing my business card ever since and it's very affordable P600 for 100 pcs of professionally made business card with box.

If you tell them that you were referred by "theuberdriver" they'll give you a P100 pesos discount for the total bill. They also have 5 days turn around time before they ship the orders to make sure that everything is in top quality. Shipping is shouldered by the buyer and it is free shipping if you order 200 pcs.

I can guarantee that the card they provide is top quality and appealing to clients, having a professionally made business card can surely be a game changer.

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