Best time to drive in UBER

No one can tell you when is the best time, it will depend on you as a driver. In UBER we have this freedom on how many hours we drive and ...

No one can tell you when is the best time, it will depend on you as a driver.

In UBER we have this freedom on how many hours we drive and what hours we should be on the road.

But there are tips on how to maximize your earnings by driving less and this will depend on how you utilize a strategy for the roads or routes you are into.

For example, we all know that here in Metro Manila, the traffic in almost all parts of the road is so freaking horrible. You could be stuck up for hours and sometimes it is inevitable.

Having a strategy before going out to drive is an essential knowledge on driver's part, but using the traffic in your advantage is somewhat worth considering.

How can you use the traffic on your advantage?

There are many ways and some of them will boost your income.

During traffic you'll see that there will be a massive surge, if you see a surge i suggest that get away from there, don't trouble yourself getting stuck on a traffic for a few bucks, you'll loose alot of money because of the time loss and the burnt gas. Instead find an alternative route outside the surge, chances are there will be alot of passengers outside the surge area. If you are in the surge area, then you are in luck, but honestly alot of riders would sit out and wait till the surge subside.

EDSA's traffic is worst, here are some of the list where you can get passenger s outside the heavy traffic. This would be between 5PM to 9PM

E Rodriguez area
Commonwealth Area (technohub)
Timog Ave to West Ave.
Tomas Morato Area
Gateway Mall
Greenhills Shopping Center
Gilmore Area

If you are in those areas before the rush hour starts, you are in luck. So my suggestion would be plan ahead!

Why is it that you're in luck?

Most of the riders on that area aren't picky and even if there's a surge they'll ride their request! Just imagine getting stuck on traffic while on surge? Great isn't it?

Another thing would be, those areas have riders who have short trips in mind. So use it as an advantage to get your self as many trips as you can, till the traffic subside.

I usually drive around 3PM in the afternoon till 11pm, and am using the strategies i have formulated to make the traffic work in my favor.

On a great day, i usually can get 17 trips from 3pm to 11pm but in a not so lucky days, i usually get 12 trips but of course those were the times i am stuck in traffic with a passenger.

Another way to make the traffic work in your favor is by resting, yes, i usually rest when in traffic, i find my quickest way to get out of it and find a convenience store, and there i would rest but would let my app run to get request. I usually accept riders that is no more than 3 minutes away when i rest, to make sure i don't receive unwanted cancelled request, as if you do, just imagine going to the rider having 10 minutes away and you'll be stuck in traffic, and sitting on the traffic the rider will get more waiting time and it will end up being cancelled by them and will look for another partner who's nearer.

whenever i pick a request usually on the second, request it will be nearer to you and by that your acceptance rate would only lessen about 1% so still no harm done on your side.

In my opinion, the best time to drive for UBER would be 8pm onwards, minimal traffic, alot of riders wanted to go home. After the traffic subsides, it's a whole lot new EDSA view to see!

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