5 ways to maximize your earnings in UBER Manila

Have you ever thought why some UBER Manila partners earn more than you? Yes it is given that any generated income here in UBER should be con...

Have you ever thought why some UBER Manila partners earn more than you? Yes it is given that any generated income here in UBER should be confidential but there are partners who constantly earn alot, some of them do reach 6 figures a month.

On this article, i will provide the 5 effective ways on how you can maximize the earnings in UBER Manila, this is based from the Pioneers whom i talked too when i was just starting up and also used their concept as a core to create my strategies to further increase my income in UBER.

Here are the 5 ways to maximize your earnings in UBER

1. Save Gas - this is the number one rule of the Pioneers or even for other transport business. If you save gas, you will earn more. How can you save gas? You might want to read my article Maximizing Profit 101: Saving Gas

2. Invest on a high speed internet - as the pioneers have taught me, invest on a better or far more reliable high speed internet. As much as possible, buy a hotspot kit that can emit 4G signals or LTE signals, by doing so you'll be ahead of others. Any telecom do provide 4g data but it will differ on your wifi kit as some can only emit a maximum of 3mbps and some can emit upto 10mbps. You might want to check these hotspot kits having 50% up to 80% off at Lazada

3. Best Spot - always look for a best spot to hang out. Sometimes it is better in a parking lot and sometimes on a convenience store, but do take in mind if the location would have a good data signal. Also do mind if the location is full of potential clients and or full of competitors. It is better to take note where you actually get alot of clients and use it as your advantage.

4. Retention - yes! Any form of business will be successful if there's a retention and we call it regular clients. How can you get regular clients? Well it is up to your strategy, but most of the pioneers did sweet talks and befriended their regular clients and made schedule on when and where to fetch them up.

5. Do not buy anything unecessary - you might heard on some partners that they offer freebies and taking on extra mile for the rating. But do also keep in mind that whenever you provide freebies for your client, you are also loosing some valuable money. It is okay that you provide water, sweets and etc if it could be of useful for your income, but if you are on a loosing end, you'll loose more than you can earn. And if the time comes that you can't provide it and your clients were expecting it, guess what? You'll loose those precious stars sooner or later.

Well those are the 5 ways to maximize your earning here in UBER Manila, but on my experience. Best strategies would boost the income and a great investment such as cell phone holder, leather interior on which clients find luxurious.

First impression never last as they say, so having a luxurious feel, making them feel safe because of a great driving, will surely can make a difference to other partners. I do hope that this article could help you on the ridesharing venture here in UBER Manila. Have fun and UBER On!

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