Top 5 complaints of uber riders

Top 5 complaints of Uber Riders Are you curious on what most of our riders do complain about even if we provided the best service we cou...

Top 5 complaints of Uber Riders

Are you curious on what most of our riders do complain about even if we provided the best service we could ever imagine yet they still can't provide those 5 star ratings to us?

As you would know i always ask feed backs on my riders via my email with the help of my business card and yes they were my regulars and they also ride other partners if i am not available at their location or their preferred time. I always contact them via email to ask what possibilities they can't provide a 5 star rating to a partner and 200 out of 350 answered the following below, I'll just sum up the best top 5 answers they have provided.

5. Untidy Vehicle -  Majority of them have ridden an untidy vehicle once or twice. In our case as a partner of course we couldn't afford a daily car wash or sometimes there are some riders who just can't respect our vehicle (loitering some wrapper of candies and etc.),

4. Listening Skills - there are times that we partners really don't know the road and we rely on waze. Half of who answered my questions do have an experience a partner who doesn't really listens to them. One of them do already instructed the partner of the right direction but still he/she didn't follow the passenger/client so the ride end up rating him/her about 4 stars.

3. Smells like smoke - some of the partners including me do smoke, but honestly i don't smoke inside my vehicle but still i have this rider who got mad at me because the vehicle as she have said smells like cigarette smoke. She gave me 3 stars by the way, and it's either i stop smoking or do something about it, as i reflected using my what if thinking. What if she have reported me to UBER and i got deactivated/suspended , i will loose alot of money by not be able to drive for a few days, how can i get the required quota for the incentives. I researched and looked for an air purifier right away as i can't just stop my only way to relieve my stress when i am resting on the road. Check affordable car air purifier at Lazada.

Let us admit, some of us partners do smoke, but even if we aren't smoking inside our vehicle, the smell of the cigarette smoke do tend to stay on our clothes, and sometimes our passengers who's allergic or sensitive to cigarette smells can determine if you do smoke and you'll make the passenger feel uneasy. what more for those partners who smoke inside their car? Or partner-operators who don't know if their drivers do smoke inside their car? It's an easy low rating for those riders who's sensitive to cigarette smells.

2. Arogant drivers/partners - well majority of them have already experienced an arrogant driver, like they are the one who needs to go to the location of the vehicle rather than the other way around. Experiencing cancelation because as they have said the driver has a low gas (parami na sila ng parami), some of them telling that it was too far. Automatic low star rating for them.

1. Complaining Drivers - majority of the partners now eh mga pabebe :D they are much more thinking about the income than the service itself. There's this one rider who commented about having the driver complained because the driver said na lugi walang pabalik (her route btw is makati to alabang). Yes i experienced it first hand, i have a rider going there and almost zero going back to makati, i stayed there for more than an hour till i get a ping going back to makati.

Majority of the feed backs are written like this.

- Kuya i experienced a driver po, nag rereklamo po sya kasi malayo daw po at walang pabalik lugi daw po sya, tama po ba yun? (sir, i experienced a driver and he is complaining telling me na it is too far and he won't get a passenger going back to the pickup point and he even said that he's going to lose some profit)

[her route is from makati to alabang she gave 3 stars to the driver]

- Hi sir, i used uber just this morning going to my work, the driver complained that my location was 20 mins from where he is at, diba yung mapapasahan lng ng request ko is yung near driver? Nagrereklamo po siya na sayang yung oras nya at malayo daw po ako sakanya.

(Hi sir, i used uber just this morning going to my work, the driver complained that my location was 20 mins from where he is at, isn't that my request should be given to the nearest driver?, He is complaning that he's time is wasted and i was too far from him)

[he gave the driver 2 stars]

- Hi kuya, good evening, just got home, thanks for the business card by the way here's my feedback, a few days ago, i gave a 3 star rating to a driver, that's the lowest rating i have ever given to a driver. It is because he's complaining too much about the traffic going to my home, he's complaining like it was my fault that he's going to be stuck on a traffic and he'll loose so much time because of it. Salita sya ng salita na traffic na nga pano pa kaya pabalik, then you could hear him doing the tsk sound.

There you go co-partners, i do hope that we could all use this information to provide better service with our clients/riders.

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