How to succeed in UBER Manila

It's no brainer that ridesharing is one of the top innovative business in the transportation industry in Manila and due to its popularit...

It's no brainer that ridesharing is one of the top innovative business in the transportation industry in Manila and due to its popularity the public is patronizing the rideshare simply because of it's safety and convenience and sometimes a much affordable way to commute in the Metro.

Many have shifted their interest and started their venture in the ride sharing market such as UBER and GrabCar, the question is how you can succeed and differentiate yourself from hundreds of competitors in the street?

You only need two things to be successful in UBER and these are the ff:

1. Positive attitude towards the business - yes this is important, why did you become as a partnet anyways? You heard alot of positive feedback right? Staying positive towards this venture would overcome alot of hardship. Take it from the pioneers of the market.

In this husiness, almost all of us here are your competitors, some of them use tactics that can demoralize your spirit and pour alot of negativity, soon enough you'll be filled with negativity and guess what? Of course you'll fail.

Remember that this is not an easy business, you can't turn your car into a multi millon earner in just a night. You need to dedicate time and effort in order for you to earn alot on this market. Of course in any business you also need to have knowledge about it, positivty towards learning the ins and out helped alot of the pioneers when they are starting.

2. Business strategy or plan - in every business, there's always a plan. Successfull business men do have plans and back up plans on how they can increase the development of their business. It is also same here in UBER, if you don't have a business plan, you'll fail eventually.

There's a saying "If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail" always make sure that you have the right strategy before you go out on the road. Always plan on how you can increase your business in our case the clients/riders.

I know that this is just basic, but i see alot of new partners who doesn't even considering that this is a business. I mean yeah they think that this is business because they have invested money for a car or such, but after that well i could say majority doesn't know what they are doing, because of that, alot of negativity will consume them till they eventually fail.

So guys remember, in order to succeed, you need to be positive from start to last and ofcourse a proper strategy and plan will help you on the way. UBER on!

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