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Hi guys upon talking to UBER about the ratings as we all know that the lifeblood of our account rely solely with our riders and as UBER Mani...

Hi guys upon talking to UBER about the ratings as we all know that the lifeblood of our account rely solely with our riders and as UBER Manila have said it works in two ways. But one thing for sure is that we also need to educate our riders on how to properly rate. 

Here are some pointers for our UBER riders straight from UBER Technology itself.

Riding with Uber means being as efficient and safe as possible when moving around your city.  As drivers are always on their toes to give you 5 star service,  you can make the experience even better by checking out these Uber Pro Tips.


  • Always confirm your driver's name when they arrive, If the vehicle doesn't match what is displayed in the app, don't get in.
  • Always buckle up for safety. Be considerate as your driver/ride can be apprehended because of the seat belt law.

  • Has your driver arrived? Don't make your driver wait too long. Remember that driver's time is valuabable too and they are more than ready to service you as soon as they accept your request.
  • Be respectful of your driver. Despite the horrendous traffic, they work hard to provide you a 5 star service to get you to where you need to go. raising your voice or using foul words is not very UBER.
  • If you are thinking of bringing a pet, politely ask the driver's permission first to confirm.
  • Help your driver's vehicle clean. Put yourself in the shoes of the next rider.
  • No drinking or smoking and illegal substance in the car. Period.
  • Be mindful to the driver's vehicle, treat it like how you treat your car and that is with RESPECT.
  • Double check your pick-up location on the map of the UBER app before hitting the request button. Pinning your location properly can save both you AND the driver's valuable time so you can get going sooner. When in large buildings, try your best to drop your pin near the street you'll be waiting.
  • Request your ride when you are really ready to go.


  • Accurate ratings help ensure the quality on the UBER system. We take all the feedback seriously - depending on the circumstances, riders feedback may lead to deactivating a partner from the system or serve as validation that the driver is providing a great service.
  • Despite what you see on hotel and restaurant review sites, 4 stars is not an above average on the UBER platform. If you are pleased with your driver, a 5 star will ensure he or she continues to succeed on UBER.
  • Ratings should be based on your driver's performance and quality of service, not the fare. Driver's do not control the surge pricing. If you have concern about the price, we're happy to review your fare, please reply to your ride receipt or write us directly at
There you go guys, we love our riders so much, and we respect you all. We do hope that we receive the same respect as how we do to you. If you really have enjoyed our service, a 5 star rating will surely a big plus for us to continue providing the best service to you guys. 

Some drivers do get discourage because of low ratings, as some of us feel that we already provided more than a 5 star ratings but in the end we will receive a 4 or a much lower because of the things we are not in control such as traffic.

If you love UBER please do rate accurately, so no partners can feel that they aren't appreciated. 5 star can boost our morale, and also an achievement of appreciation for us to do more better.

But if you did experience something bad or not so UBER, we strongly suggest that use your privileged to report the driver to UBER.

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