Types Of Bonuses In Uber Manila For October 2016

You didn't probabbly know that you can earn extra income with these type of bonuses in Uber Manila.  Some of them had been arround for m...

You didn't probabbly know that you can earn extra income with these type of bonuses in Uber Manila.  Some of them had been arround for months but I guess not every partner know this so we'll be sharing them below.

There are many types of income bonus in Uber Manila that most partners doesn't take advantage of. Some of them are only known to old partners and new partners doesn't have any idea about it. Sometimes you'll be surprised that you will just earn it without even knowing it. Let us tell you how you can earn extra income in Uber Manila with these not so typical bonuses.

Increase your income in Uber Manila through Weekly Incentives

Well I guess this is typical as every partners receive a weekly requirements for the weekly incentives. But did you know that the requirements and earnings will vary depending on the drivers rating? Well, I guess you didn't know that or you are not aware about it.

We did some survey to 300 partners including the new ones and old ones. And the data shows that partners having 4.8 ratings are receiving a higher incentives rate compared to partners below the 4.8 ratinfs. Have you ever wonder why new partners are getting a good incentives when they start? It is because they have a perfect ratings to begin with, while other partners rating decreases so are their incentive rates.

In order to receive a higher incentive rate, you might need to work out with your ratings. You can check these article on how to be a 5 star driver in Uber Manila. Hopefully, this could help you increase your ratings especially when you are already a seasoned partner and had completed your first 500 trips.

Increase your income in Uber Manila by Inviting new passengers

You probabbly didn't know this either. Your invite code is a precious tool that can increase goir income in Uber Manila, not only that you can earn by inviting a driver, you could also earn extra by inviting a new passenger.

Uber will pay you P150 when you invite new passengers plus a ride credit on your rider account. This will reflect as a new rider bonus. We know that it is only a P150 but imagine if you can convince 10 friends to ride and use Uber than a taxi? It's an additional P1,500 income for you. It's now easier since Uber is now accepting cash payments.

We usually do these in malls, yeah a cheap tactic but we try to convince people to use Uber with our code, they'll have a free ride worth P200 and can be used 3 times. What do we get? We earn a new rider bonus and a ride credits to help other partners. It's actually a win-win situation for us.

Increase your income in Uber Manila by being in the top 10%

Being in the top 10% you'll receive a lot of perk and that means a lot of bonuses. Sometimes Uber provide a different incentives for the top 10% partners with a larger incentive rates. Not only that, Uber also provide some mystery cash task for the top partners.

There are a lot of opportunity that you can benefit for being on the top, to name a few would be being a brand ambassador and advertising model which also has a big paycheck. Well you don't believe us? Have you ever wonder where they get ideas and models for their video story? Yes, they were the top partners who opted in to help Uber as a brand ambassador and wanted to share their success story to inspire new partners.

They could also be called the guinea pigs, as they try the incentives first before it is implemented to all and of course the incentive rate is much higher than partners who are not on the top 10%. You could work your way up there and it's fairly simple if you are enjoying what you are doing.

Increas your income in Uber Manila as a top Operator

Uber provide different incentives for operators who are managing 5 or more in their fleet especially to those who with an outstanding record. It is not that hard but the investment and risk are a little bit high compared to a normal operator who manages few vehicles on their fleet.

I guess not all operators will know these as only few operators who are managing 5 or more vehicle in their fleets are in Uber.

Taking advantage of the Momentum Bonuses and Perks

You probably heard this word before but we are guessing that you don't know what this means right? Every partner is entitled with a momentum rewards and those who are receiving these are partners with a good track of records meaning no complaints and etc.

You'll receive a momentum reward by triggering the following milestones.
  • Consecutive Top Partner
  • 5 star driver
  • Perks abuser (this is not a bad thing, you'll earn rewards when you constantly uses the Uber perks and discounts)
  • Top Passenger inviter
  • Community Builder
  • Not yet disclosed (Uber plans to add more momentum for partners in the future)


There are more ways to increase your income in Uber and we'll update this article and will share them to you once we have a more concrete evidences with them. We'll also try to sit it out with Uber and talk it out.

So what do you guys think? Have you also earn other bonuses besides the above? Let us know what you guys think on the comment section below.

Not yet a partner? Did you know you can earn extra P5k when you complete your first 10 trips witin 7 days after you signup? Join now and let us help you achieve that goal as soon as you hit the road.

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  1. Good day. A friend is planning to be an uber driver/ operator. And he wants to buy and use a brand new fortuner. The monthly ammortization estimate he said would be 32k. Do you think he would still accumulate income with such high ammortization plus expenses and maintenance ? I saw that you have a Fortuner in your fleet. Your insight would be of much help. Thank you!

  2. Hi Carlo,

    this will really depend on the driver. If the driver is very efficient then yes, if not it will be just break even with all the cost or lose some money on it.

  3. Good day. I just want to inquire about the incentives to be received. I have become a member of UBER more than a week ago but I did not get anything yet. I have serviced for a total of 27 trips in 3 days, but then I received no incentives so far. Yung profit ko po kasi napupunta lang din po sa pagpapa-gasolina. Thank you for the response.

  4. Hi Armando,

    Have you checked your email's spam folder? On some cases the promotional incentives email are being filtered as spam, kindly check your email especially the spam folder.