Upfront fee for Uber Manila Uber X Service

Uber Manila will be changing the current Uber X fare system and this will start this coming October 12, 2016. Uber Manila will start to roll...

Uber Manila will be changing the current Uber X fare system and this will start this coming October 12, 2016. Uber Manila will start to roll out the Upfront fares for Uber X.

Upfront fares will be calculated using the trip’s expected time and distance, and will take into consideration the traffic situation and availability of drivers at the time of the request. When fares go up due to increased demand, instead of surge notifications and estimated fares on uberX, riders will be quoted the actual price of the trip, so they are certain of what they pay before they request.

Frequently Asked Questions for the new fare system of Uber X

Q: How will the upfront fare be determined?
A: We estimate the upfront fare by considering a variety of factors that typically affect a fare, including surge, traffic, and tolls. We’re able to use past data to estimate the likely cost of the trip, and can present that price to a rider before they request. With upfront prices you cannot book a car without approving the cost beforehand.
Q: What if a rider changes their destination, has multiple destinations or makes extra stops?
An upfront fare may not be honored if a rider makes significant changes to their trip route. In these cases, we’ll fallback to the original time and distance rates. Riders are notified that fares will change at a few points before and during the trip. All riders are shown this copy on the requesting screen (wait time copy only applies to cities that charge for wait time).
Q: Surge icons and surge screens no longer appear for up front fares – Why?
A: This new way of showing fare accounts for surge, but provides the rider with more precise information up front. For example, instead of seeing that a fare will cost 1.5x, the rider would see that the trip will cost ₱150. This is aimed at providing riders with more information immediately, so they can choose the product that best meets their needs and budget.
Q: Will surge pricing be included in the upfront fare?
A: Yes. If there are more people requesting rides than drivers available to give them, fares will increase via surge pricing. The price the rider is shown is guaranteed upfront — this will make it even easier for riders to compare the cost between a shared ride and a solo journey. With upfront fares you cannot book a car without approving the cost beforehand.
Q: Is the upfront fare completely inclusive (i.e. includes the booking fee, toll charges etc.)?
A: Generally yes. There are some instances when the final fare could be lower than the fare given upfront (for example, if the user has a promo code applied) — or higher, such as if the rider changes the destination of the trip.
So what do you think on the new fare system for Uber X? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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  1. Will the driver's now know the final destination of the passenger before accepting a trip?

  2. Hi Yola,

    Nope the driver will just know the destination after accepting the trip request.

  3. Can my fare change if I used the service road?

  4. Does this mean we have to follow Waze?

  5. Hi Ruel,

    Yes, however if the passenger wants to take another route than what Uber had suggested, it will automatically converts to the old fare system which is a distand and time computation. If the passenger suggest other routes it is much better to inform them and educate them about it on a nice way. :)

  6. Hi P,

    Sorry we have overlooked at your comment. If Uber suggested that the route will be on the service road then it will not change. But if the route suggested to take the skyway and you still take the service road this could change depending on the time of arrival calculated by Uber and the distance.