Why Some Partners Earns A Lot In Uber

We have tackled this before and we want to share this again. You might want to know how other partners earns a lot in Uber Manila right? The...

We have tackled this before and we want to share this again. You might want to know how other partners earns a lot in Uber Manila right? There's no real secret, the thing is we are doing what you are also doing and that's working hard and smart.

Reasons Why Other Partners Earns More Than You Do In Uber Manila

Here are some reasons why other partners earn more than you do in Uber Manila. There's no secret to it, majority of us are just dead serious on this business.

We Don't Complain

That's right. Majority of the partners who earns more in Uber Manila just doesn't complain on little things. In fact, they treat opportunity like it will be the last. We are not saying that you should be a robot that will just follow everything, instead, balance it out and work on the little things that will benefit your business.

We have a business plan for Uber Manila

Just like every business, if you don't have a plan, your business won't sustain or you're just risking your hard earned investment. Majority of the partners who earns more than you, have a bysiness plan that they follow. If you don't have one yet? It's better to formulate one now than lose your investment.

Start by setting up small goals, and plan for expansion. We started with one vehicle and it's an old one. But because of that and we followed our goals, our fleet had expanded and we bow have 7 vehicles working around the clock. It's not just us, there are many partners who have done what webdid and succeed on it morethan we do.

We don't listen to what others are saying

It's been an old story, there are many partners who will take advantage from your fears. Most probabbly you have heard a lot of these "LTFRB will be having an operation, drive at your own risk". To tell you honestly, it is been around since the start, If we listen and let our fear consumed us, our business had probably already been long gone.

It is your business, even though we are all in the same platform, my business is still my business and so are yours. Some partners are benefiting from the old strategy of scaring the new partners out to increase their ridership. While you are scared driving, we are benefiting from it and earning more.

If you are in doubt don't listen to others, it is the rule of the thumb. Ask Uber directly, not from other partners. If you want a faster response, go to the office in person, and talk to a representative in charge, not with the guards or other partners, but to a representative who's answering directly when you're number is called.

We drive according to our goals

There are two types of goals, one is a short term and one is a long term. Determine what is your goal and your business goals. Is it only for a short term or a long term?

For us, we always look on our business future so we are driving towards our long term goal, that what keeps us motivated. We create strategies specifically to our long term goals. Our strategy may work for us and might not work for you, so better know what your goals are and start building strategies to reach your goals.


So how's your business doing lately? Is it on a good side or on the bad side? Don't worry as long as you figure out how you can sustain your business, create a business plan, determine your goals, create a strategy derived to your goals, and stick with it, everything will be alright.

In this type of business, guts and will to suceed is what you need to keep you motivated. Don't ever deprive your business with success because others will try to pull you down.

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  1. I intend to resign from this current dayjob and just drive my (still in amortization) toyota wigo through uber. I understand that theres a lot of articles concerning this but those may be outdated. So, as of october,2016, am I making a wise decision?

  2. Hi,
    Takenour advice. No. Uber is a great source of extra income. Doing this full time may cause you burnout if your not really a professional driver or a driver ever since. Just being honest here, i don't want to scare you. This kind of business is a roller coaster ride, sometimes the income is great but most of the time it's just break even.