How to maximize your income in Uber Pool

Yeah we get it. Every partner dislikes the pool system, honestly even us, but we can't do anything about it but just to embrace it. I kn...

Yeah we get it. Every partner dislikes the pool system, honestly even us, but we can't do anything about it but just to embrace it. I know some of you will argue but hey looking at the bright side Uber Pool can help us regarding incentives and this article will definitely all about maximizing profits through Uber Pool.

How to Maximize your income in Uber Pool

For those who have incentives like uberlympics this is a great chance to utilize or take advantage of the pool system as a per passenger is counted on per trip basis. This means that on a trip ever passenger counts thus giving us a chance to have 4 completed trips for only one trip.

So how can we make sure that we can maximize the income potential using Uber Pool? It's fairly simple and that would be enforcing the right rules of the pool service to our passengers. Every one of us had experience the bad side of the said service right? But it doesn't mean we should tolerate that, what we should do is to educate the riders and it will give us the chance to maximize the potential of  uber pool.

Here are the things you should do when you are servicing passengers through Uber Pool

  1. Educate them with the rules and enforce it accordingly (let them know that you are only allowed 2-3 minutes to wait and if possible they should be already waiting for you on the street pickup point).
  2. Let them know their rights and your rights as a driver as well.
  3. Once the passenger is inside the vehicle, let them know that the route will be based on the system as this will lead you to have another passenger since it's a pool service.
  4. If the passenger is arrogant and doesn't want to follow the rules? Politely ask and say to the passenger that  his or her attitude towards the service is giving you and other passengers (if any) inconvenience and you need to end his/her trip.
  5. Always be polite this is the number one rule and don't cancel.
  6. The driver is the master on the pool service and not the passenger unless it is an uber x service.
  7. The destination is already set from point A to point B, if the passenger want to change his/her distenation, politely refuse.
  8. Don't be alarmed if the passenger threatens you that they will report you to Uber, in the pool service the master is the driver and not the passenger. Pool service report are not really entertained in the Uber office.
  9. Again before the passenger alight your vehicle, thank them and let them know the rules.
By doing the above, this will give you the best experience in uber pool. Not only that, this will also help other partners and drivers to lessen the hassle on the pool service.

How to increase passenger base through Uber Pool? 

There are many places where Uber pool request occured on a daily basis and here are some of them. We advise that if you plan to target the pool passengers you should be driving on the following areas to maximize your trips.

  • Malls (SM north, Trinoma, Greenbelt, MOA)
  • Schoolds in Manila (University Belt)
  • Offices in Ortigas
  • Offices in Makati
  • Timog
  • Mandaluyong
  • Sta Mesa
Here are some of the steps you might want to consider if you really want to maximize your income through Uber pool.

  1. Set your waze routing on to avoid freeways and avoid toll ways.
  2. Set your waze vehicle settings to taxi and not private.
  3. Set your waze rout type to shortest and not fastest.
Doing the above, waze will give you routes that will basically help you get passengers though this may lead you to a busy street but still having a maximum passenger is rather okay than having one. This will definitely help you lessen your operating expenses and will definitely help you maximize your income through Uber pool.

Want to join Uber?

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