How To Maximize Income For Uber Incentives for October 2016

This article will help you to maximize your income in Uber Manila, especially for the current promotional incentives dated to October 17, 20...

This article will help you to maximize your income in Uber Manila, especially for the current promotional incentives dated to October 17, 2016 to October 21, 2016 which is the booster incentives. We know that this is not really the type of incentives that partners are expecting but it's better than none.

We won't be seeing those P35,000 payment statement soon but the good news is we can still earn roughly P15,000+ evety week because of the current incentive. What is the current incentives? It is a fare multiplier and this means that we are earning 1.3x to 1.4x per trip even without the surge.

At the moment because of the upfront fees, the average fare per trip is around P200 per trip, and what we need to do is just drive on the time where the multiplier is the highest and if you check your email that would be 5AM to 9:59 AM and 5PM to 10PM. We just need to take advantage of the timing and everything will be okay.

The traffic will be the worst by the said time but if you plan ahead and study the alternative routes, you can capitalize it and this will make you in advantage. If you do this, you'll be able to complete 10-15 trips at most.

There are also other multiplier bonus that Uber had given each partner and this may vary for every partner. If you complete the required trip that you need to do for 4 days, you may earn at leaset P1200 - P3000 bonus depending on what Uber had given you.

So how do we maximize the earnings? 

Simple, just target at least 60 trips within the promo period. Make sure to complete 15 trips per day if you do and based on the average trip you'll earn P3000 per day without the multiplier if you hit the highest every trip will have at least 1.3x and that will make your per trip with P260 and completing 15 trips will give you P3900 per day. Doing this constantly will surely hit your required trips for the bonus of P1200 to P3000.

More tips will make you more money so try driving on these following area Eastwood, Makati, BGC, Timog, Cubao, Mandaluyong, San Juan, Ortigas, North Avenue. These following areas are the most areas with a lot of request durinf 5am to 9:59 Am and 5Pm to 10pm.

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