LTFRB Wants To Regulate SurgePricing In Uber and Grab

Hi guys, LTFRB had now released a statement regarding surge pricing and the government agency wants to regulate the fare before the holidays...

Hi guys, LTFRB had now released a statement regarding surge pricing and the government agency wants to regulate the fare before the holidays.

LTFRB Chair Martin Delgra III said on Monday that the agency was considering releasing revised guidelines on TNCs just before the holiday rush when the demand for public transportation goes up. These will include putting a limit on surge pricing as well as requiring drivers to undergo training at the LTFRB to become better and more efficient at their job.

Aside from the fare system, LTFRB were thinking about requiring drivers to undergo training due to increasing of reports regarding ridesharing. As what they have said, this may help drivers to be more efficient to their job.

Conclusion about the review

It is very alarming that reports to drivers from Grab and Uber are increasing. Some riders are saying that Uber and Grab are now turning like a taxi like experience little by little. 3 out of 10 pssengers had alfeady experienced being cancelled without no reason at all, being threatened by a driver, and sometimes the drivers were just waiting 5 to 10 minutes then he'll cancel the trip without even trying to fetch the rider. It is because of those type of drivers that LTFRB is thinking or will require partners to take a mandatory training and this may cost as a little more.

4 out of 10 riders are saying that the service isn't like what it used to be and at least 2 out of 10 had reached out and had reported to LTFRB. If this continue, the ridesharing industry will fall.

Our opinion on this matters does not reflect any company especially Uber Philippines. before LTFRB  would issue a training program that will target rideshare drivers, they should at least require taxi, bus, uv express, and jeepney drivers for that training.

Rideshare drivers, drive much safely compared to the puv drivers. About the surge proce regulation, we somehow agree, but the sure pricing is what keeps rideshare drivers motivated to drive to those dangerous type of roads and even at nights. Imagine that drivers are willing to fetch the passenger and transport them to their place even though there's a knee deep flood, the terrain is very much difficult to druve and etc. comparing it to taxi that sometimes they refuse to convey passenger or sometimes nangongontrata plus some modus and crime could happen along the way.

We hope that if the surge price will be adjusted it should be on the fairness of both passenger and rideshare partners.

So what about you? What do you think about the recent update? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. Take this constructively, you might want to foolproof your article before posting. You're able to deliver the message but I cringe whenever I see grammar and typo errors.

  2. Hi Jorge,

    Thank you for the comment we really appreciate it. We will try to do it better next time. As you know we are just drivers without any formal training regarding article writing. If you could somehow let us know where to begin for a self study we would be very thankful. Again, we really appreciate it :)

  3. To mr Alafriz Jr,,, im also an operator of UBER the admin said your comments or let me say a criticism is really appreciative in the sense that you able to correct the grammatical errors of the article. Well, what ever educational attainment you acquired its your own glory but i think the more significant part of this article is the message being conveyed by the writer...informing the concerned parties how we will improve our services for the benefits not only for the part our riders but for the whole community as well. Mr. Alafriz, sorry for the term but i thinks this is not a proper forum for you to criticize the grammatical error of the article. For us..... as concerned parties the massage is very beneficial and informative one. Thanks and more power to UBER community.