Uber Manila Incentives For October 2016

Hi guys, Uber Manila Philippines already sent the promotional incentives information to your registered email address. This week will be a g...

Hi guys, Uber Manila Philippines already sent the promotional incentives information to your registered email address. This week will be a good one as there will be more additional income opportunities for partners like us.

Uber Manila Incentives 1st Week of October 2016

The incentives is slightly the same the Uberlympics on which you need to achieve a certain or required trips to earn additional income for bronze, silver and gold trips.

The requirements is different for each partners and it would be better to create a strategy to achieve the required trips earlier.

Aside from the usual bronze, silver and gold trips there are mid day fare guarantee that part timers will benefit as all the mid day trips will have a guarantee of P200 per trip. Before you get the said mid day fare guarantee, there will also be a condition and this will be different for every partner so better check your email for that.

Then there will also be a peak hour fare guarantee. Like before all the peak hour trips will have an additional P200 to P230 and the requirements are also in the email. Every partner will receive the email but with different requirements so carefully read the requirements.

Things to Consider for Uber Manila Incentives for October 2016

There are some things you should consider or let us say conditions that you should know before hitting the road. I'll list the most important ones below:
  1. Acceptance Rate should be 75% and up if your acceptance rate falls below on 75% Uber has the right to revoke or pay you with an incentives.
  2. No self booking or cutting trip the result will be an instant ban from the server
  3. Do not cancel Uber Pool service intentionally, the system will know if you have cancelled an Uber Pool service intentionally.
If you have questions don't hesitate to write it in the comment section below or send us an email at tudmanila@gmail.com Uber On and good luck!

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  1. Hi there admin! I am a new partner and I did not receive an email for the incentives. Does this mean I am not qualified for this incentive yet?

  2. Hi Adam,

    You may have a different incentives, kindly check your email or better to ask the Uber support by emailing them at prtnersmanila@uber.com

  3. Hi, I received an acceptance rating of 60% , but i always accept and has never rejected any request. What I noticed is that there are times when my phone will blink and I will try to accept but nothing was happening no matter how many times i touch the screen to accept. Am not sure it may be a strategy of UBER to put down drivers ratings.

  4. Hi Jerry,

    Email uber about the glitch let them know what had happen.

  5. Hi Admin, i am an uber partner and i have 2 registered drivers but only one registered car. Right now only driver A is going out on uber trips, but i received an email on the the promotion for driver B who is not driving yet, am i still qualified to earn incentives on this promo?

  6. Hi Teena,
    The incentives is per driver basis only. If driver A didn't receive any email regarding a promotion, most likely there are non yet.

  7. What if driver A got an email last week (Oct.3-9) but failed to hit target trips, will he still qualify for this week or on other incentives?

  8. Hi Teena,

    This will depend on the incentives that he received this week. Sometimes, the required trips may vary every week or depending on the ratings of the driver.

  9. Hi just want to ask when do Uber usually send the incentives requirements foe the following week?

  10. Hi,
    The incentive requirements are usually being sent every sat eve or sunday eve.