How to maximize profits in Uber Philippines: Client Retention

If you are just new in Uber Philippines and you are looking for strategies to maximize your profits here in Uber. Well, you came to the rig...

uber philippines maximizing profits

If you are just new in Uber Philippines and you are looking for strategies to maximize your profits here in Uber. Well, you came to the right place. On this article, we will be tackling about client retention. This is one point where we earn a lot in Uber Philippines.

Client/customer is our lifeblood here in Uber Philippines, as much as possible we want to leave the best first impression to them. That’s the key to this strategy. We always preach that you work smart and not hard, this will give you more time to think about a better strategy and by client retention, we have a lot of time to test and improve our other strategies to further increase our income.

How to increase the client retention in Uber Philippines

As we have said, the first impression is the key to this strategy. How can you assure that you can leave a great impression to your customer in order for a repeat ride? Below is what we teach our driver before they start their week.

  • Politeness level
  • Assertiveness
  • Presentable
  • Business Card

Yes, you’ve read that right. We train our drivers on how they can provide 5-star service even though they are just driving low-end sedans. You might be wondering what’s with the business card? Read our article about our business card strategy.

Every week, we always check our drivers progress. We ask them if there’s something wrong or if they experienced a problem and from there we refine and implement a solution.
We always give our drivers a checklist every week. As a part of the service, the car should be clean, and again presentable.

We always encourage our client to provide feedback about their experience on their current ride. We know that now-a-day Uber has this client feedback feature that partners can see. But we do it traditionally, in order to provide an after sales service to our clients.

When the client provides feedback about their recent ride on our vehicles, we make sure to ask them if they enjoyed it and if ever they are willing to ride again we can arrange another ride, or if they have a preferred vehicle and etc. This really works like a charm. When we did this, we retain 80% of our clients and still growing to this date.

The Conclusion

Work smart not hard. If the client sees that you are providing excellent service to them, chances are they’ll be your regular customer. Just make sure to leave the best impression on your clients, We are not a cab industry, we are different, so don’t treat your client as a come and go.

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