uberHop Manila on an uber manila driver point of view

Have you tried uberHOP yet? Well we did. Here's our own personal review for the Uber's car pooling service as a partner/driver of...

Have you tried uberHOP yet? Well we did. Here's our own personal review for the Uber's car pooling service as a partner/driver of Uber Philippines.

uberHOP is still have a long way to go, we tried the service and also tried providing the service to the passengers. We are lucky to be one of the few providers of this service when it launched and here's our honest input to it.

Pros on uberHOP Manila service

  • It could generate a lot of income for a short travel time, even though most of us thought that it'll be a nightmare because of the horrendous traffic, well we were wrong. For a travel time of 15 to 20 mins you could generate as much as P600 if you have a 10 seater muv or suv.
  • Rules apply as 1 request for 1 seat, hitch hikers aren't allowed and thus some of the passengers did invite their friends to register in Uber Philippines to try the hop service which is a very positive business point of view.
  • uberHop service did increase the passenger base for the rush hour and hopefully many passengers would join the bandwagon. 

Cons of uberHOP Manila service

  • Time allotted is too short or we could say a missed match. We do hope that Uber Philippines could change the time schedule from 6am to 9am and 5pm to 10pm or much better that if Uber Philippines could extend the time frame like 6am to 10am and 4pm to 10pm.
  • Sometimes we experience having only 2 to 3 passengers. But hopefully Uber Philippine's marketing team would invest on promoting the service than inviting new drivers to join the system.
  • We asked some of the passengers if they could choose a cash basis for uberHop service and they told us that only card or credit are available upon choosing the service. We do hope that Uber Philippines could integrate a cash payment option for uberHop too like we could experience in Uber X and Uber Black.

Our personal thoughts about uberHop service

As what we have said, uberHop service has a long way to go, but if uber Philippines do invest on marketing the service it'll surely help their business and also us in the long run. But as of now, we experienced 2 out of 10 trips having 2 or three passengers per trip.

What about you? Can you also tell us your experience? Have you tried uberHop as a partner/driver or as a passenger?

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  1. Hope they can allow sedans as 4 seaters can definitely help as it will give more options to riders

  2. We hope so too, because in toronto and seattle they allow sedan on the uber black and xl class to receive a hop request.

  3. How to join uberhop I am also uber driver /operator may car is adventure

  4. Hi Ysabella,

    Muv/auv/suv's will be able to get hop request on hop areas automatically on designated times. Hope this helps