uberHop Manila Can Help Increase Your Income

Uber Philippines officially announced the launch of UBERHop service. Manila is the third major city that has this kind of service aside fro...

Uber Philippines officially announced the launch of UBERHop service. Manila is the third major city that has this kind of service aside from Toronto (Canada) and Seattle (USA). We all know that Manila has one of the worst traffic congestion in the world UBERHop will help riders and partners by providing a win-win solution.

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What is UBERHop and how can this be a win-win solution for Uber Partners?

UBERHop is much like a carpooling service that will have a fixed route, it is basically going to Point A to Point B and vice versa. The fixed fare price for every passenger would be P75 and the good news is UBERHop’s route are only from Makati to BGC.

How can this help you as a partner? Well since most of the passengers want to save money from traveling instead of hailing an Uber X service, they’ll just use the Hop’s service as it’ll save them more than 75% since there’s no surge pricing. Keep in mind that UBERHop’s passenger is on a 1:1 
ratio, meaning one pax is equaled to P75.

If you have a 4 seater sedan that would equal to P240 since P75 (base fare) – 20% (Uber) fee will be P60. We all know that Makati and BGC is a prime location that has many passengers that are going back and forth. We here at the uber driver blog thinks this will help partners  to lessen the downtime and on top of that, you’ll earn P240 per trip going from Makati to BGC and another P240 going from BGC to Makati.

The only question is, how much can you earn from this new service? We still haven’t got an idea but we are going to try it for sure to provide a detailed insight to you guys.

What do you need to know about UBERHop service in Uber Philippines?

Just remember that one request is only for one passenger, if you have a 10 seater MUV/AUV/SUV then you’ll earn more than a sedan of course.

Each UBERHop request can accommodate one person, Additional riders need to request their own Hop service in order for them to get on the vehicle.

UBERHop service is available on the following schedule:

Weekdays – 7 am to 10 am (excluding non-working holidays) and 4 pm to 9 pm.

How can you sign up as a UBERHop service provider? If you aren’t a partner yet please check this article on how you can be a partner/operator in Uber Philippines. UberHop requests can be received when you are in the serviceable area which is Makati or BGC.

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  1. Thanks for the correction, we appreciate that.

  2. Hi I heard most of the cars being used for UberHop are non-Sedan cars (Avanza etc). Is this true? we cannot use Sedan for this? Thanks!

  3. Hi JP,

    According to Uber as long as you are on the hop spot you can receive a hop request. We haven't tried our sedans yet, we'll definitely clarify this by next week.

  4. The reply from support is only partners with 8-seater AUVS (such as Innova, Adventure) are eligible for uberHOP

  5. Yes, that seems the case and also SUV's 👍🏼

  6. ang 7 seater na avanza E. pwede ba sa uberhop?

  7. Yes.. muv/auv and suv will most likely get the requests

  8. would you happen to know why even though in the partner app it shows the area has surge, when you look at the payment statement, it shows just a regular fare? my driver is so frustrated because he says he drives in the surge areas but since yesterday he's only had one passenger that showed a surge in the payment statement.

  9. Hi zeus,

    It did happen to us a few times. We really don't have any idea how it happened it's all in uber system, the best thing to do is email uber, but from our experience uber says that the trip wasn't on surge.

  10. Hi,

    How would you know if rider is requesting an UberHop? Is there any notification to the driver that the requested ride is a Hop.

    My driver is using an innova car, do I need to register it as an uberhop? or automatically once your vehicle is in the hotspot then you can received a request for an uberhop.

    Thank you.

  11. Hi as long as you are in the hop serviceable area between 7am to 10am and 4pm to 9pm.. when you open your driver app you'll get a notification if you'll want to accept hop request from that time or not. just agree then all request from that time and area will be a hop request.. hope this helps

  12. I seen here that model of car for Uber requirements is 2012 above. There is no consideration on this? Like I have 2011 Innova and only 45,000km.

  13. Yeah, it's one of ltfrb compliance for th tnvs..

  14. If im driving uber black can i still have a requestfrom uberhop?

  15. Hi Marlowe,

    Yes as long as you are in the uber hop servicable area and on the disignated time of uber hop service.