Uber Partners Income August 2016 Uber Manila Philippines

Hi guys, it's been a while. This month was the far most successful month for us Uber partners because of the incentives. Some of us here...

Hi guys, it's been a while. This month was the far most successful month for us Uber partners because of the incentives. Some of us here had earned more than P70k for just a week. We are talking about the Uberlympics promotional incentives that Uber Manila had rolled out this month of August of 2016.

We could say that it is the highest to date that you could earn per trip, compared to the past 2 years the Uberlympics were he most lucrative for Uber partners as you can earn as much as P500 per trip if the requirements for the incentives were met.

The success was also because of Uber Pool's promotion for the passengers. Thanks to that, majority of partners easily completed the needed requirements.

Stay tuned for our income report for August 2016 (we'll be updating this post when we finished finalizing our income for the month of August).

Uber Partners Income and Uber Pool

Well Uber pool did become handy, it did help to hit the targets easily but we have one concern over this new service. We all know that the Uber pool service is the most affordable type of service for our passengers (passengers could choose the service and pay as little as P10 for the ride depending on the destination).

Majority of partners are currently in awe for the service, it could be helpful as of now but what if the incentives had change? To tell you honestly, the Uber pool service couldn't even pay for gas. Imagine that you'll drive for more than 2 hours after almost 17 to 20km and you'll only be paid P70 for that trip?

This had raised some concerns for other partners. There are also times that passengers still thinks that they are using Uber X service with the pool, some passengers are bending the rules. The more common on this are the waiting time.

We do hope that Uber Philippines could also do something about that and inform passengers who are using the pool service. Maybe they could educate the passengers more by having a pop-up box with the rules when the passenger will choose the Uber Pool service.

Anyways that's that for the month of August, it was hell of a run, the most lucrative yet the most cliff hanger that we'll experience for now in the Uber Philippines business.

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