How To Complete 18 trips to 25 trips A Day In Uber Philippines

Hi guys, It's been a while. I'll be sharing some techniques we have been using in our fleet to complete 18 trips average minimum up ...

Hi guys, It's been a while. I'll be sharing some techniques we have been using in our fleet to complete 18 trips average minimum up to 25 trips on a daily basis. I really do hope that this could also help you on your businesses.

how to complete 18 trips and up a day in Uber Philippines

Disclaimer: This might be a long read and will take most of your time. Thus might not be in full details but I'm pretty sure that this could help you create much better strategy than what we have been using.

There are a lot of you who are emailing us on how we pull it off and asking us if it is hard. Well to tell your honestly, just like everyone of you, we also feel that sometimes it is impossible to acheive the incentives. We dedicate a lot of time on researching and creating strategies for our drivers and also trying it out before teaching it to them. That's how serious we are in this business, we complain yes, but we try to resolve them before we let our frustration consume us.

So what are the strategies and techniques we are using in order to acheive 18 trips or more on a daily basis? Read more below and I suggest that you finish this article before reacting to any of our experience.

How we complete 18 Trips and up a Day in Uber Philippines

1. We Start Early

When we mean early, it means really early. We always study the incentives given every week, and we try to maximize our time in every possibilities. Like for instances, majority of us received an UberLympics Promotion, it starts at 12am up to 11:59pm. 

We capitalized it and leverage on our strategies. We start as early as 3am, most of our drivers prefer driving early. We don't force them, we asked them and hear their opinions. Lucky for us our drivers are very cooperative and treat our business seriously like us.

We are using the data's we gathered from the last 6 months as our leverage. Other partners don't know how many passenger request are happening through that time. Most of the time, partners thinks that it's already a dead hour, but for us, business doesn't have a dead hour, it goes on the saying "the early bird gets a lot of worms".

2. We ask suggestions from our drivers

Team work is one of the key in this kind of business. We engage on a partnership contract with our driver, we treat them as a partner not just a staff, we always ask their suggestion on how we can increase both of our earnings.

We treat them as key players since they are the one who experience everything on the road while we on the other hand will just try strategies to execute. Every suggestions they make is very valuable on our business, they are the one who says try this and that, and once proven working we will implement it on our strategies for the week and weeks to come.

3. We are taking advantage of Uber Pool

Yeah we know, most of you guys are mad about the new service. Some of you might call this Uber Fool, but to tell you honestly it is very beneficial to us partners. While you guys complain and protest not taking Uber Pool, we capitalize on it.

In the incentive promotional email it says every trip on Uber pool is equals to 1 completed trip, if we go on a trip with 4 passengers that trip alone consist of 4 completed trips already. 

Some of you may contest us for not being a brother to your arms, hey we understand your sentiments, but we have families to feed, and we are just minding our own business and we aren't minding yours. But honestly, thank you guys for doing some protest, one rejected request from you is equals a completed trip for us. We really appreciate that.

4. We are also taking advantage of the HOP service

Just like Uber Pool, in the promotional incentives email it stated that one person is equivalent of 1.5 completed trip, so it means that every 2 passengers in the Uber Hop service is equivalent to 3 completed trips.

5. We capitalize on our regular passengers

We have shared an article before on how we retain our passengers. It's not by sharing some candies or bottle of water, but it's because our driver's excellent service for them. Most of you will react and will tell us that it is illegal as Uber had said it and you might get penalized? Let us ask you? Penalize for what?

It's not really illegal, you just didn't read the terms and condition before you join didn't you? It stated that it's not illegal to do so as long as you are not doing any fraudulent activities.

Fraudulent activities consist of:

- cutting the trip short and asking the passengers to request again
- having the same passenger after ending it within 20 minutes
- 3 request of the same passenger/account in 2 hours
- creating a passenger account and requesting from it/ending it right away

The list is not complete and there might be more. Just a tip, don't do fraudulent activities, it is not worth it.

So in conclusion for #5, having a regular customer is not illegal, We have been servicing our regular customers for a year now and we didn't get penalized for it.

6. We stick on our working strategies

Before starting the week, we already have 5 strategies aligned and ready for execution. For instances we are already trying strategies based on our driver's suggestion, we are enhancing it and improving it this week, once everything is smooth, we then teach the final strategy to our drivers and they will be the one executing it for next week's work.

Some of you might think that we the admins of the page and this blog are slacking of as we have a lot of free time answering your questions, but the truth, it helps us clear our heads, we do so while taking a break/resting or just simply relaxing from our hard work.

There you go, as always we stick on our plan and strategies, if anything goes wrong for this week, we don't point finger at anyone as we are playing as a team, we earn some, we loose some and better luck again next time.

Conclusion on completing 18 trips and up a Day in Uber Philippines

As we have said it is a little hard even for us, sometimes we also feel like Uber is deceiving us but in the end of the day the only thing we need to do is complete our goal. We would like to thank other partners who've helped us especially those who encourage us and keep us pushing forward.

If you have questions or suggestions don't hesitate to write it in the comment section below. If you have a personal request or need help, just email us at, we will be glad to help you establish your business here in Uber Philippines.

Want to Join UBER Philippines? Earn on your free time, let us help you get started and we'll guide you from start to finish just click the link below.

Don't forget to email us ( after you join using this page so we can guide you and help you up. We have been in Uber since Day 1 and we will be glad to share our experience with you and how to maximize the earnings here in Uber Philippines.

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  1. Interesting article! Very thorough and straight to the point.

  2. I hope that the 65 trips per week guranteed 20k will stay... Not just only for new partners Tnx:) uber on

  3. hi! i am a newbie in this business. My brother introduced me to uber since he needed referral incentive though he didnt quite explain much on how uber works. My first pay out straights to his account, yes my earnings is deposited to his. Iam wondering if this is correct. I thought if possible that my earnings has an different bank account? I couldn't tell him regarding my idea or may i say i dont want him to feel bad about it. My reason i think, its a personal matter even if hes my brother. Could i secretly separate from him? I just started last week. Thank God found your site, that is so HELPFUL and so informative. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. And I'll be reading more of your article (a long way to go). God bless and more power. TIA

  4. Hi Eriz,

    It is possible, please do send us an email so we could help you further