Can I Use Wigo, Mirage, And Other Sub Compact Vehicle In Uber Philippines

This topic has been always been a taboo in this business and have been raised more than 3 times since  Uber started in the Philippines. This...

This topic has been always been a taboo in this business and have been raised more than 3 times since  Uber started in the Philippines. This really concerns a lot of partners especially us here in The Uber Driver team since we have a sub compact car in our fleet.

Despite the recent news from the LTFRB, there are still no solid statement from the agency if the sub-compact vehicles are not eligible for TNVS. We all know that the agency had given some hint that they might not approve it but to the current economy and traffic situation, car pooling is a better alternative.

Even taxi companies already did use some sub-compact vehicle like the mitsubushi mirage g4 and etc. defying the norm and law still they have been granted with a license to operate. We don't want to create any false claim whether the sub-compact vehicles can be used or not as again there's no official statement from the LTFRB yet.

If we all by means ask Uber of course sub compact vehicles are accepted and are indeed included on the approved vehicles to be used in Uber Philippines. LTFRB Has also said before that sub-compact vehicles will be accepted if it is under a TNC (Transport Network Company). It is really contradicting to the report that was made recently yet we are all hoping that LTFRB will finally be issuing a statement regarding this issue and hoping that it will be favorable to us partners who's applying for a TNVS license to operate to ease the traffic in Metro Manila and Metro Cebu.

What are Sub-Compact Vehicles?

Sub-compact vehicles are the type of vehicles that falls under the classification of the ff:
  • Engine displacement below 1.2L
  • Width and height measures below sedan
  • Legroom is lower than the sedan
  • Compartment measures lower than sedan
As what the LTFRB had mentions they are still reviewing if sub-compact vehicles are safe to be used as a public transportation vehicle.

Conclusion about Sub-Compact Vehicles for Uber Philippines

As a partner and operator in Uber Manila. I really think that sub-compact vehicles are fit to be used for public transportation. Unlike jeepenes and buses, we are using a newer model and technology of vehicles compared to other transport agencies.

We pride ourselves that we have cleaner and safest transportation for passengers and the public. Not only that, we have drivers that is much fit to drive in the streets of Metro Manila. Our number one concern is the passengers safety so we always make sure that our vehicles are in 100% condition.

What about you? What are your views about this topic? Would you like to share your sentiments or ideas? If you do? Please do write it on the comment section below.

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