Uber Philippines: What to do if you have a payout discrepancy?

Hi guys, it's been a while. Well there's a problem rising again in Uber Manila. This also had happened a year ago and we want to hel...

Hi guys, it's been a while. Well there's a problem rising again in Uber Manila. This also had happened a year ago and we want to help you guys out by sharing what we and other partners did when we experienced abnormalities on our payout especially in the incentives.

Anyways it is called payout discrepancy, and as a partner it is really frustrating that you didn't get paid right for your hard work (incentives wise) so here we are and wanted to help you guys on what to do and what's the best option for this.

A brief history:

Some of the old partners had experienced at least a week or month delay because of this. Imagine working for more than 10 hours or more on the road just to hit the incentives but after the final pay statement were sent, all are frustrated because it's either there's no incentives or not paid right.

The Present:

It seems the same problem had been occurring again. And here's what we did to resolved the problem that had taken a year ago. Hopefully this could help you guys on this instances.

What to do if you have a payout discrepancy in Uber Manila?

Step 1:

Make sure to document everything (screen shot the daily trips from Monday to Sunday). This will help you on this case to have a very strong basis for the dispute claim for the payout discrepancy. Make sure to also screen shot the incentive info email that Uber sent you for the basis of this claim.

Step 2:

There are two ways to resolve this it's either by sending Uber Manila Support an email about the dispute or by going to the Uber Manila partner centers.

I'll personally recommend going to the Uber Manila Partner Centers it's better to talk to an Uber Manila personnel in order to help you on this dispute. Make sure to print out the documents for this claim such as your daily tips and incentive info email. Once the Uber personnel verified it most likely it will be sent to your bank account on the following payout date.

If you really can't come to the Uber Manila Partner Centers, well just email them, it may take a few days before they respond but still your claims will be handled by the support team. Make sure to include the screen shots of your daily trips on the email.

Hope this will help you guys. I'm pretty sure everything will be okay. I would like to let you know if ever this happened again, you should take action a minute you received your weekly pay statement. Email them right away.

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Uber Manila is currently rolling out a new partner incentives for new partners. You can earn as much as P50,000 a month or P15,000 weekly just by completing 45 trips a week. The average daily trip is 12-15 trips. So definitely you'll hit the right target before the week ends.

If you need further assistance you may email us at tudmanila@gmail.com or like our facebook page.

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  1. we experienced this but how can you contest their finding of a low acceptance rate? i mean that is their claim thats why we didnt get the uber up promo. 1day was below 80% they claimed! how do you contest that when it does not appear anywhere. its as if we are at their mercy as to our acceptance rates, no document to print out. so frustrating as our drivers were looking forward to this only to be denied! thanks!

  2. Hi Tres Gogo,

    Actually there's a way to contest the acceptance rate. If there's no cancelled trip on the trip history you could go to the office and tell them that there's no cancelled trips.. What we mean is on the trip history there shouldn't be any Cancelled by Driver.. or if you round it up the completed trip should be higher than the cancelled trip by driver..