Uber Manila Philippines: TNVS Application was halted by LTFRB

It was a shocking news last night as LTFRB issued another memorandum which is the MC No. 2016-008 which is directing its technical division ...

It was a shocking news last night as LTFRB issued another memorandum which is the MC No. 2016-008 which is directing its technical division not to accept any TNVS application for new operators until LTFRB reviews its existing policy before it grants new TNVS Application for new partners.

This move affects all TNC's such as Uber Manila, Grabcar, and U-Hop. Many of the new partners are now wondering what will happen now that the new memorandum is in effect. Actually this had happened before but it was resolved.

We are trying to contact Uber PH for feedback but as what they have said, operation is still normal and every partner doesn't need to worry. Hopefully this isn't a major setback. Hoping that this will be resolved like last time and new applications will be accepted right away.

Now that this had happened do you have a back up plan?

Like what we are always saying to those who are asking us for advise, we always tell them to have a backup plan for such case like a setback would happen. Luckily for some of those who listened to us, they aren't affect by this issue because they listened and started their own business website.

It's not too late, until this issue hasn't resolve it's either you continue or be discouraged. Well there are other ways that you can do to earn and one of them is by having your own Website. If you are interested to learn how that worked just email us and we will be glad to help and explain it to you. As you all know we always want to help partners on a situation like this. 

To know more about the opportunity of having a website email us at tudmanila@gmail.com

We will only be able to help 20 partners at most to make sure that everyone still earns and not to abuse this strategy. So it will be first come first serve basis.

update for the website: We only have 1 slots left out of 20.. thank you for those who trusted us..

For those who have listened and trust us, you guys are welcome :) for new partners, don't be discourage. Uber will help us in any way they can. We are positive that this will be resolved as soon as possible. It's better to wait for Uber's announcement than to conclude with the negative hearsay.

For those who are asking us about their pending application. We cannot answer them just yet, we are still waiting for Uber Manila's official announcement as well. But one thing for sure, don't get discourage. We are pretty sure that Uber will do what it can to help us.

We will update this post once Uber Manila updated us about the recent issue. This will not of course affect old partners who already have their PA and CPC. We will be hoping for the best.

Update July 25,2016:
It's Official, LTFRB had suspended the TNVS application till further notice while they are reviewing everything about the tnvs legalities and all..

We have heard that there are rumors circulating the community that there's a possibility na iregulate na din ang mga sub-compact cars and we are hoping that this wouldn't be implemented..

We really need to have a backup plan just in case this were proven true.. as of now, we still haven't heard any feedback from Uber, the thing is those who already have PA's can continue and resume their operation..

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