Uber Manila Sudden Deactivation: Is it a Bug?

Hi guys, it's been a while? We are receiving a lot of question regarding account issue of sudden deactivation of the partner account. It...

Hi guys, it's been a while? We are receiving a lot of question regarding account issue of sudden deactivation of the partner account. It's a little bit alarming especially the partners that are affected by this sudden deactivation are the ones who are new in the system.

uber manila sudden deactivation

1 out 10 had experience this sudden deactivation of their UBER Manila partner account, and the only thing that they can see is the image above. Some experienced it after ending a trip and some when they were about to drive.

Well on the partner app it says that "Your account needs attention" and they were stating that there is some documents that needed to be updated before you can go online. This throws some confusion on the partners as before you can get your account activated, everything is thoroughly checked by UBER Manila, meaning everything is fine.

So the question is, is this a bug? It might be, we tried contacting Uber Manila support but we still haven't have their reply. So we still don't know what causes this.

Here are some fix that have worked for some partners regarding this sudden deactivation of Uber Manila Partners

Deleting and Re-Installing the Partner App

Some partners said that they had their partner account reactivated when they deleted and re-installed the partner app when they experienced this.

Re-Uploading the documents on the partner's dashboard

Some partners had tried this method and had worked for them. Logging in on the partners dashboard and re-uploading the Professional Driver's License, NBI, PNP Clearance did reactivate their partners account.

Updating the bank info on the Vault

Some partners tried updating their bank information and had their partner account reactivated after updating their info. [this is for the partners who drives their own vehicle]

Contact Uber Support

Some partners just did what had instated on the partner app and they contacted Uber Manila support and after a few days their account get's reinstated.

Uber Manila Sudden Deactivation Conclusion

Well as of writing this, we still haven't receive any reply from Uber Support, but once we have a definite or concrete answer from them we will be updating this post and share them to you guys.

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