Uber Manila Partner Operator Monthly Income for Feb 2016

Since we are receiving a lot of email from other partners and also since we have said that this 2016 we will be more transparent regardi...

Since we are receiving a lot of email from other partners and also since we have said that this 2016 we will be more transparent regarding our strategies as operators, we will also be posting our Uber Manila Operator monthly income starting from February 2016 onwards.

We hope that Uber Partner-Operators can make those data useful for them to boost their income. As much as we want to share information, we are also restricted to discuss some delicate information for our protection as well, but rest assured that if you have questions, we will be here to answer them as long as it is Uber Manila related and not intervening a person’s privacy.

Uber Manila Operator Monthly Income for Feb 2016

To begin with, we have 7 vehicles under our fleet. We have 4 Uber X vehicle (we’ll be adding up another vehicle this April) and 2 Uber Black vehicle to service passengers within metro manila.

Our Uber Manila Monthly income for Uber X this February per vehicle is posted below:

Vehicle # 1 (Vios): Php 14,285.60 Net
Vehicle # 2 (Wigo): Php 15,008.20 Net
Vehicle # 3 (Accent): Php 14,102.80 Net
Vehicle # 4 (Innova): Php 14,827.05 Net
Vehicle # 5 (Altis): Php 8,223.44 Net ß this vehicle is mainly for testing for new strategies so it has low earnings and only work once or twice a week.

Our Uber Manila Monthly income for Uber Black this February per vehicle is posted below:

Vehicle # 6 (Fortuner): Php 22,950.11 Net
Vehicle # 7 (Everest): Php 18,194.20 Net

So all in all, for the month of February we have earned a total of Php 107,591.4 this month is a pretty good month for us. There’s a slow downtime and there’s a lot of surges. Drivers were happy and we provided additional incentives for their hard work and dedication.

Disclaimer: We will still be deducting some money for maintenance and one of our vehicle will be renewing it’s insurance so it’ll eat up a lot of our income this month as the premium is around P22,000 to P29,000.

As we have said, we will be adding a new vehicle for the upcoming month April and hopefully, everything will keep going great, we will be posting our Uber Manila Monthly Operator’s Income for March this coming April and we are hoping that this month will be a good month for us too.

We will be sharing our strategies and techniques so we are hoping that you’d come back on our blog and hopefully our strategies and techniques work for you as well.

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  1. hi is this net of operator less the driver share already?

  2. Hi JP,

    Yes. But we haven't deducted the insurance renewal and additional incentives for our driver yet on this article.

  3. Hi, are your posted earnings net of monthly amortization of your vehicles? and if so, how do you compensate your drivers? is it by 50/50 sharing or salary based? Thanks in advance for your kind reply.

  4. Hi Arny,

    Yes the posted income is already a net income. About the monthly amortization, we always have an emergency funds in such case the generated income doesn't compensated us well. We have a backup plan for payments of the MA. For our drivers we compensate them with a 60/40 (operator/dirver split + incentives if they hit a certain target trips for the month which is 320 trips per month or more (80 trips per week).

  5. hi! how do you check the performance / trips of your drivers? i can't find it in my uber partner app. thank you very much.

  6. Hi pwede hingi ng tips kubg saan maganda place mag stay or maraming rider for uber black. I am planning drive again this april di ko lang alam kung saan ang mga perfect place for uber black.. Thanks

  7. Hi,

    You may check the infos at your dashboard by logging into partners.uber.com

  8. Hi Christian,

    We already shared an article about it, kindly use the search function that is located on the sidebar (desktop) / lower portion (mobile) to locate the article, hope this helps

  9. Hi Christian,

    You're very much welcome

  10. Hi. When you say net, nabawas na po ba jan ung monthly amortization ng car? o hndi pa? thanks

  11. Hi Jaz,

    Yes. We have another source to fund our vehicle's monthly amortization.