Can I operate in Uber Philippines while my PA/CPC /TNVS Application is currently in process?

Most of the new partners are experiencing this problem at the moment. We all know how long it takes before you get your PA, CPC and TN...

Most of the new partners are experiencing this problem at the moment. We all know how long it takes before you get your PA, CPC and TNVS Franchise. It usually takes about a month or two, and if you are unlucky, it may take more than two months.

Most of the partners already have an active account, and the only hindrance is the PA/CPC/TNVS franchise. So we tried reaching out on Uber’s support and asked them if we still could and here’s what they said.

can i operate in Uber Philippines while my pa is still in process?

Here's their reply below.

So basically, Uber is still in contact with LTFRB regarding the TNVS accreditation for all partners, and we all know that since LTFB is slow in processing the TNVS franchise, Uber can walk us out as long as you already have submitted the documents and are currently in the process of your PA/CPC/ TNVS.

In case you get apprehended, you may contact Uber Philippine’s support team at on which Uber Philippines currently monitors the partner questions 24/7 regarding the TNVS accreditation and apprehension. 

Note to remember:

If you haven’t submitted your documents to Uber you will be liable to any of the apprehension, so make sure before you hit the road you’ve already submitted the necessary documents. Make sure to bring photo copies of the documents whenever you are in operation. 

Only LTFRB enforcers are authorized to implement LTFRB Regulations and not MMDA traffic enforcers or Police Officers.

For more information on TNVS, please go to


We receive a totally different email today. Some partners have emailed us that what we receive is purely a robotic response from Uber Support and thus that's what they receive when they try to email Uber and ask about the related question regarding PA/CPC/TNVS application.

So we still tried our best to get more information about the said problem and we were amused when a real support did email us about our question and answered it on the right manner which is not really a computer generated response.

This is the content of their reply:


Geraldine here, answering on behalf of my colleague. Happy to help!

Due to stricter implementation of the LTFRB guidelines, we can only activate vgehicle(s) whose TNVS requirements have been validated and submitted to the LTFRB. They've been strict when it comes to our accreditation that's why we need to be very careful before allowing you to get on the road. We just need to comply with the correct process to avoid issues. This means that you can go online while waiting for your PA and PAMI as long as we have secured the validity and submission of your requirements.

We appreciate your patience and understanding. If you have other questions or concerns, feel free to reach out.


uber support responseNow this is clear as day, you can go online while waiting for your PA and PAMI as long as you have submitted your requirements (once they validated it and have submitted it to LTFRB).

Now in case you get apprehended while your PA/PAMI/CPC/TNVS is on process, just contact Uber and they will help you out!

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  1. Hi saw news today that ltfrb cancelled 5000 applicants because of documents not submitted. Can this be clarified as if you got activated it means documents are already with ltfrb? Here's the link

  2. Hi JP Magallanes,

    As long as you have submitted your tnvs application to Uber everything is okay. On that article, yes there are partners who can operate without the tnvs/cpc/pa certificate and they are the old partners. But we are pretty sure that more than 50% of the old partners have already complied so the statistics being given were just exaggerated.

    LTFRB were just simply saying that those who don't comply with the law will have a problem sooner or later :)

  3. Okay thanks Admin for as long as I have my documents submitted and just waiting for it and since you got activated, you should be ready to go?

  4. Yes as per uber, make sure to contact uber support for further clarification.