Uber Manila's cash payment is now rolling to some riders

Uber Manila's Cash Payment is now rolling to some riders. Last November 3, 2015 (Tuesday) Uber Manila already rolls its experimental...

Uber Manila's Cash Payment is now rolling to some riders.

Last November 3, 2015 (Tuesday) Uber Manila already rolls its experimental cash option for some riders. It has began to test the waters of cash transaction.

Although we have heard and we experience some of the bug of this experimental cash option. Majority of the partners who received a request regarding the cash payment had encounter confusion, it seems that some riders/passengers didn't know that they have using a cash payment option.

We have experienced it first hand, we had 2 riders who have requested a ride using the cash payment option, but after the trip, they told us that they are using their Credit Card for the ride, on which on the screen it clearly shows the green box.

We asked the passengers on how they have requested the ride, and as usual they just log in to their account, and tap the screen to request. There's a major glitch for the cash payment option, it seems that Uber Manila didn't informed their passengers well enough, so that the confusion did arise on the road.

Things to remember for our beloved passenger:

  • Always check the payment option, usually you'll see credit or card as an option, but now since the cash experimental payment option rolls out, some passengers have the cash payment option as default instead of the credit, or card payment.
  • Before you request a ride, double check your rider application. As for instances, even if you opened your app to request and you can't see the uber cash payment option at first. When you try to request for a second time, sometimes the uber cash payment will be showing without you noticing it.

Hopefully this clears the confusion. Riders and Partners should be working together to make this Uber Cash payment option successful. We do hope that this Uber cash experimental will be a success, if this work well, the only thing for us Uber Manila partners need to take care of is our safety on the road.

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  1. Hi an Uber Partner here. I have sent my concerns to uber suport via email but I get vauge answers. I could not see the green box nor the rider fare after I end the trip. That is a major bug if you ask me and I sent several emails about it and I still get the same copy paste response from Uber support .

    1. Hi Gary,

      It would be best to contact them via twitter.

    2. I tried several times today still waiting for a reply.

    3. We hope that this problem will be resolved soon.

      Hopefully uber can provide a more reliable support system for partners.


    i have heard that MY DRIVER is transferring to another operator. He just left us without notice and with monetary accountabilities (cash payments from rider and the daily revolving fund) .Is there a way to stop the transfer? Or to block him until he clears his accountabilities to us?

    We emailed uber about this but, the only reply we got is this
    "Since we do not have access to transactions made between a partner-operator and his/her partner-driver, we recommend having such issues be settled personally by both parties. Uber highly values the feedback of its partners and we take what you're saying very seriously. As a growing company, we are constantly seeking ways to better enhance the Uber experience from both drivers' and riders' perspectives."

    Basing from statement above, uber's focus is more on drivers and riders only, and have forgotten the needs and protection of operators. Operators also needs protection and support from uber. As per inquiry with my friend with car operating under diff TNV (GRAB CAR), its incorporated in their policy that they don't tolerate bad habits of drivers jumping from one operators to another. Transferring driver needs to get a clearance from both the operator and the tnv and can only drive after 30 days after. .

    1. Hi,

      Sorry to hear that, actually we have suggested having protection for operators before, but uber didn't listen. The best way to handle this is to have a contract.